Wednesday, July 08, 2020


The good intentions of social justice protesters shouldn't distract from the diabolically acquisitive motivations of so many professional activists and local power players.

To wit and according to top echelon 12th & Oak insiders . . . 


Here's the word . . .

"So we're going to get yet another anti-crime group thanks to the riots with some pretty decent salaries for those who have enough connections to move to the front of the line. The money isn't great but the only job requirement is a face or a cardboard sign. You also shouldn't be surprised to see even more lawsuits against KCPD given the numbers of activist attorneys leading the moment. There's a class-action in the works that could actually pay some of the protesters who were arrested thanks to that silly pardon granted by council . . . It's just a feeding frenzy right now and solving crime or any of the recent neighborhood shootings is the last thing on anyone's mind. I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to change the system but there are way more who are just looking at this crisis as a way to snag a check."

Accordingly . . .

Officially, Kansas City now stands at 99 murders so far in 2020 amid a 35% uptick in homicides this year over last. Whilst there are a great many ideas for funding changes to hold police accountable, there's still no plan and no work on a plan to confront a worsening epidemic of deadly violence.

To make matters worse, Kansas City homicides in the second half of the year typically increase according to the trend line over the past 5 years. Worsening financial hardship sparked by coronavirus and continued civil unrest threaten to incite more local anger further aggravating an already dangerous situation. 

Check the links:

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Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I like the post and I respect the effort but this one is simple, TKC. It's a money grab. Always happens. Feel sorry for that dude who lost an eye. Might have been all in vain or just to get somebody's cousin a job.

Darren said...

Would rather have the money going to activists than more military equipment for police.

Anonymous said...

probably too early for a dead pool but I'm guessing 169.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

actually, it's very likely that we'll hit 200 murders this year if it keeps going at the current pace.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden scratches his ass then sniffs his fingers.

Anonymous said...

What's behind recent surge in U.S. gun violence???
No morals
Wimps for mayors
wimps for chief of police
praising of BLM terrorist group that hides behind the race card.
Praising of ANTIFA basement kids.
Calling good evil and evil good.
How to stop it??
An internal revolution that could wipe this BS out in a few days.

Anonymous said...


Activist attorneys are making $ off of these lawsuits. It's not a coincidence that nearly every interaction with police everyone has their cell phones out HOPING for a payday from some perceived or actual slight by an officer. MULTI-MILLION $$$$ lawsuits are at the heart of this.

Gotta get paid.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Ask anyone that has frequent interaction with the police - they don't want the consequences of their actions and they want to get paid. Yeah, they're criminals involved with drugs, prostitution, theft, assaults, murders, and every other criminal enterprise they can get their hands in BUT they will yell and scream about police injustice. Why???? Why wouldn't they? Who wants to acknowledge they are criminals? Plus - if they get beat up for assaulting, spitting at, and yelling at officers they could get a sweet payday.

Anonymous said...

these are the same faggots that want to run the streetcar down to shitty sections of the city

stupid fucks

Byron Funkhouser said...

I did not make the first comment.

A low life piece of shit is stealing my identity.

He probably justifies this by pretending that he's better than me, even though I don't use other people's names.

Anonymous said...

Sue the city for anything, it's a good bet that you will get a lucrative settlement. City attorneys do not like to try cases. Most of them are no good at it, they usually lose at trial, and their jobs continue regardless.

Anonymous said...

Homicides go up, the police demand more money. Homicides go down, the police sau they need more money. Basically it’s a protection racket and it doesn’t matter what happen somehow the cops always need more money.

How about we pay for performance, and right now your performance fucking sucks so why am I paying for it?

Anonymous said...

Uh, Byron, everyone is better than you, have you not noticed? You’re a retard.

Silvestor orgalthorpe said...

Congratulations protesters/rioters
Youve managed in just a few short months to make MOST people not give a shit about violence in cities
Those of Us who used to care dont anymore. Why? Because its pretty obvious that you dont have any interest in stopping people from burning down your own Neighborhood and killing your own children
You march around condeming the police but not yourselves
Good luck to you after every decent family has moved away and your left with nothing but a city populated by people just like yourselves: thugs and murderers
Dont forget to stock up on balloons and candles

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of pay for performance.

It doesn't seem like we're getting much out of the welfare baby mommas but gun-toting psychopaths. Time to trim those benefits!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to look at examining and defunding some of the anti crime grifter groups. What they're getting paid to do obviously isn't working. Ad Hoc, Urban League, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect time for the Council to eliminate or selectively cut programs which are not providing any benefit to the significant majority of Kansas City residents.
18th and Vine
Street Car
Linwood Grocery
Jazz museum
Fake anti-violence committees and organizations

Anonymous said...

Why is the police being held accountable and hostage for black race members who loving killing and stealing. Lets defund the black race and ship their asses out of here.

Anonymous said...

The police chief needs replaced with a Director of Public Safety who is not a tradition police officer.

The Board of Police Commissioners needs to be abolished and replaced with local control and true citizen oversight.

The police budget needs cut and money diverted to community partnerships, resources and professionals who can lower crime.

Most of the police specialty unites need disbanded and officers reallocated to the patrol division answering calls for service.

KCPD Parking control needs eliminated and replaced with a city parking authority.

Take homes cars for Captains needs to be eliminated.

Early retirement should be offered t officers to absorb some of the budget cuts.

The nine Captains at each station need reduced to 3 captains.

Officers performing administrative or clerical functions need to be reassigned to patrol.

Sovereign and Qualified Immunity for Officers needs to be eliminated.

Officers should be required to buy malpractice insurance.

A public database of all police misconduct complaints and actions should be available to the public.

The list goes on....

Anonymous said...

Gun violence? Guns don’t kill people. Progressives with guns kill people.

Anonymous said...

Police and or God forbid, the military is really the only way to control what needs to be controlled.

The rest of us will need to learn to conform to the rules and laws no matter our mental condition, if any. Some just don't know any better. Call it ignorance if you must but we gotta at least understand how to going about being smart.

Anonymous said...

^^^^OK Hitler, lets all conform

Byron Funkhouser said...

I acknowledge that I cannot find anyone anywhere near where I reside who will listen, or allow me to post what I have to say, but that should not make any difference in my continuing efforts to inform and instruct the mostly racist residents of the Kansas City area who post on this blog.

Actually, I enjoy your often insulting responses because it lets me know
you are reading and considering my enlightened input.

Anonymous said...

Byron, read it already, be constructive, have a good day.

Anonymous said...

So the do nothing anti crime groups don’t feel they should have to take a cut in funding because of the loss of taxes due to the shutdown?

Seriously, how stupid are these people?

Anonymous said...

1:43 ok karen

The Ayatollah said...


You should move down to the black community that you love so much. I say all the white liberals should move down to around 27th Prospect. You can engage with the community down there, and help keep them safe from the Police. I’m sure they will be more than welcoming to you, and your family. I will pay for the movers. Message me when your ready, and I’ll give you my Amex

The Ayatollah said...

Mental Midget and World Class Unemployment Queen Byron is a faker. I think he’s proboraly the biggest racist on here, but likes to argue with people . I think he’s a huge conservative with oppositional defiance disorder. Am I right Byron ? Admit your a faker !

Anonymous said...

I said 183 (one every other day) but I think I'm low. 193 for the win....

Anonymous said...

Sure, great strategy. The money comes out of the City’s budget. Don’t encourage lawsuits then bitch about potholes.

Charles Whitman said...

^^^+1000 1153