Monday, July 27, 2020

Kansas City Hunger Strike For Peace Concludes After Violent Weekend

Aftermath of another rooftop protest as this prayer demonstration had good intentions but was sadly ineffective . . . Very much like most anti-violence efforts. Read more:

Local religious leader ends week-long fast as shootings, homicides continue

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local bishop ends his week-long fast after staying on top of a roof of a building on the southeast corner of Prospect Avenue and Linwood Boulevard. Bishop Tony Caldwell of the Eternal Life Church and the Justice Center said the goal was to hope for at least three days without a shooting.


Anonymous said...

So let's see:
Standing on a roof and fasting somehow will cause a reduction in KCMO homicides, which have been taking place at the rate of at least 145+/years for years and have now hit an all-time record high for mid-year 2020.
And it's not having ANY EFFECT?
Of course neither are the KCMO electeds who don't even have the guts to honestly define the problem, the tens of millions of tax dollars spent on fake nonprofits, the $20 million/year COMBAT programs, or the endless riots, protests, marches, and demands from the menagerie of activists.
At least Caldwell is wasting his own time and money.

Anonymous said...

If fasting on the roof of an abandoned building was all that was necessary to stop violence in Kansas City, there’d be no need for churches, food pantries, etc. These Jesus freaks think they’re going to wish and hope violence away? Remember Jesus was killed on the cross? It didn’t work for him or anybody else. This was for publicity only.

Anonymous said...

Putting all the east side negroes on roofs would probably reduce the number of homicides. As long as they were by themselves. If there were more than one they would figure out a way to sell drugs to each other or steal each others rims.

Anonymous said...


At the conclusion of the "fast", drone footage revealed the roof was littered with empty boxes of Church's chicken and beer cans!!!

Anonymous said...

bless him.