Friday, July 31, 2020

Kansas City Friday Early Link Dump

We're clearing out a lot of info in this post that's still worth consideration for our dedicated early morning readers . . . Take a whiff of headlines on pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

KC COVID House Cleaning

Locals use extra time at home to clean, renovate

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Among the projects people have taken on at home this spring and summer is a little cleaning. So, KCTV5's Nathan Vickers took a look at how people are getting rid of old junk through yard sales or more drastic measures.

Crime Clean Up Achieved

KC apartment complex certified crime-free community

An apartment complex that used to be nothing but trouble for Kansas City police has been certified a crime-free place to live.This is Friendship Village at 56th Street and Swope Parkway. It's a place people want to live. It's full, with a three to four year waiting list.

Local Life Lessons Almost Always Taught At Home Anyhoo

More families consider homeschooling amid COVID-19 pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Parents considering homeschooling due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming school year are not alone. Christine Lopez, who lives in Johnson County, Kansas, has three children with potentially three different paths to school.


Tara says Jenny has a 'cold heart' as she looks back on THAT interview

Tara Reid said Jenny McCarthy has a 'cold heart' as she looked back on their infamous 2016 radio interview. While she was on Jenny's SiriusXM show back in 2016, her hostess needled her about uncomfortable topics such as 'surgeries' until Tara finally got up and left - though not before getting in a couple jabs of her own.

GOP Pushed Back Against Prez Trump Election Tweets

Federalist Society co-founder bashes Trump for 'fascistic' tweet about delaying election

A co-founder of the Federalist Society, which famously compiled a list from which President Trump selected his two Supreme Court nominees, described the president's Thursday tweet about "delay[ing] the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote" as grounds for "immediate impeachment."

German Exodus Debated

Democrats and Republicans take aim at Pompeo over US troop withdrawal from Germany

The Trump administration's decision to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany has come under bipartisan attack in the Senate, amid warnings it would disrupt US alliances.

Ballers Bend Knee

Watch: All NBA players kneel for national anthem as league resumes play

All players competing in the first game of the NBA restart took a knee and locked arms during a recording of the national anthem Thursday night at ESPN Wide World of Sports. The New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz wore Black Lives Matter warm-up shirts and were joined by coaches and game officials, who also knelt for the anthem.

Former Prez Obama Steps Up Attacks For Biden Campaign

Obama brought up sex assault allegations against Trump at fundraiser

Obama has appeared in virtual Biden fundraisers over the last two months He has shared his fears of voter suppression and slammed the administration In his scathing series of attacks, he didn't mention the president by name Obama has mentioned Trump's 'assault's on women' and his 'racist' agenda In a chat with Illinois Governor J.B.

Prez Trump Opt Out?!?

Why Trump Might Quit

A misleading video about hydroxychloroquine has gone viral. Trump is back to touting the drug as a Covid-19 cure - despite evidence that it's ineffective. So why the heck is hydroxychloroquine back in the national conversation? No doubt Trump would savor the validation of winning a second term.

Defeated Sporting Still Sports ‘Black Lives Matter’ Gear

Peter Vermes: Sporting Kansas City were't ready for MLS is Back Tournament Quarterfinal and it's my fault

Peter Vermes didn't pull any punches after Sporting Kansas City's exit from the MLS is Back Tournament, a 3-1 loss Thursday evening against the Philadelphia Union. He took the blame for SKC lacking fight, especially in the first half, when a Sergio Santos brace and Jamiro Monteiro opener

Kansas City Hipster Listening Session Reviewed At Distance

Lemonade Park is making it possible to see live music right now

Lemonade Park represents what might just be an answer to the dismal prospect of live music being out of our lives for the forseeable future.

Cowtown Afternoon Upgrade

Friday afternoon will bring break from rain


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School Reopen Rules

Blue Springs School District to require students to wear face masks

The Blue Springs School District announced Thursday that it will require students and staff attending in-person classes to wear face masks for the upcoming school year."After careful consideration and conversation with local health officials and our task force committees, we will now require cloth face masks for all in-person students and staff members for the 2020-2021 school year.

Free Gear Across Bridge

Excelsior Springs business sews 25,000 masks for local students in need

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The North Kansas City School District has ordered thousands of face masks to give to students and staff who need extra. There are a handful of sewing shops around Kansas City, but for an order of 25,000 adjustable, cone-shaped masks, the district turned to Alterations and Custom Sewing in Excelsior Springs.

Show-Me Local Education Summit Amid Pandemic

Gov. Parson meets with KC-area superintendents on reopening schools

The countdown is on to reopen schools. Area school leaders had a chance Thursday to air their concerns to the governor.Gov. Mike Parson has pushed to get students back to the classroom, but he's leaving those plans up to each district. Some districts want him to do more.Parson was at North Kansas City High School.

Cruel Doggie Training Alleged

Group alleges greyhounds being trained with live rabbits

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) - Two U.S. representatives introduced legislation Wednesday that would ban greyhound racing nationwide, after an advocacy group released videos showing greyhounds being trained by chasing, mauling and killing live rabbits in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, a practice that is prohibited by the greyhound racing industry.

Golden Ghetto Patient Shares Word Of Warning

Shawnee man who battled COVID-19 has warning for others

A Shawnee man who spent weeks in the hospital with COVID-19 says people need to be cautious about the disease.After a business trip in March, Eric Goodman said he was not feeling so good."You know, I had a fever that morning, I was having a little trouble breathing," Eric Goodman said.

Teaching Equality In The Dotte

KCKPS launches new initiative to promote equity and inclusion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In a year where calls for change have made their way to the Kansas City metro and across the country, the Kansas City, Kansas, school district is now joining the efforts for reform.

Kansas City Rolling Hope For Clean Air For The Future

Health Impacts of Air Pollution: Local Resident Shares Story

A new initiative launched today, called Stand Up For Clean Air, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act and asks Kansas City residents to pledge to take action on climate change and air pollution. The American Lung Association's new effort also encourages everyone to share why clean air matters to them through the #MyCleanAirStory social media campaign.

Tasty Goodness Shares For The Most KICK-ASS TKC Readers Who Made It This Far

Gretchen's table: Kansas City Cheesy Corn

Creamy and robust, this cheesy corn side dish is a Kansas City classic.

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Anonymous said...

Trump quit?
You mean just walk away from his failure, blaming somebody else?
You mean just like he's already done SIX TIMES?

Charlie Horse said...

Hahaha! The President is a master in winding up the presstitutes and watching them lose their little minds.

Anonymous said...

^^Or get this geezer...he's a total moron, suffering from early-onset dementia, unable to think or speak clearly, can't walk without help and about to be voted out of office in an unprecedented blowout. Yep that's it!

Anonymous said...

I shed a tear for the oppressed multi-millionaire NBA players taking a knee.

Anonymous said...

Biden is still hiding from any tough questions in his basement. The guy's mind is completely gone. Watch how his campaign staff tries to get him out of the debates against Trump with the lamest of reasons or unreasonable demands.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he's STILL going to be the next president in a landslide. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^ Mind is as gone as Dementia Joe's. Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

And yet Dementia Joe is kicking the shit out of Trump and it's really not even close. Funnier still! Weird. Weird and funny.

Anonymous said...

Morning leftover Chitlins
Barbecue smoke by noon.
Sky clearin by midnight

Anonymous said...

The whole election delay thing was simply a tweet made by Trumptard to distract from what was an epic shit show of a day all the way around for Trump.

5 Years of Economic Growth - Poof....gone
Herman Cain - dead due to COVID...acquired at a Trump rally
News of staffers inside Trump's and other Republican politician's offices being told NOT to wear masks to work as COVID continues to infect.
COVID continues to spread

Shit show.

Anonymous said...

Biden is already brain dead. In California, everyone talks about how Kamala Harris, his probable VP, slept her way to the top of politics there. How noble.

Anonymous said...

The Dems want to load the mailboxes with ballots from illegals and dead people so Biden wins. They've already shown over the last four years that they don't care about justifying their means to get Trump out of office. The fact that Trump is still in office proves just how false their charges against him were, but yet American taxpayers had to pay the price for the stupid Mueller Report and other responses to fake charges. Can't wait for the Durham Report to show just how corrupt Obama, Biden and other Dems were in trying to hamper and remove a duly-elected president with no regard for the truth.

Anonymous said...

^^No they don't Boomer. You're spreading false information and outright lies. Not a surprise most old, white people, traffic in them daily. This failed administration certainly does. It's what the feeble-minded do when they cannot explain why everybody hates them and they always lose. I can't wait for the imaginary Durham report either! About how long we been waiting now? Oh, the election comes in 3 months, think it will be out before then dummy? Here's a clue: NO. No it won't. Because there isn't one dummy. It's another lie the feeble-minded tell themselves to explain their failures away. You keep waiting CHUD!

Anonymous said...

Cute 12:26 spewing the same unfounded, unsupported, no evidence at all bullshit that POTUS does. You win the best POTUS dicksucking post of the day. Congrats. Enjoy that cock.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Even Trump knows he is going to lose. That's the only reason to try to delay the election.

Winners can't wait for the date and want to sprint towards the election.

Losers make excuses and complain about "poor me".

Anonymous said...

^^^ You’re an idiot