Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Kansas City Freebie Coronavirus Testing Threatens To Shut Down Local Restaurants

It's not exactly unintended consequences but this local health data surveillance will likely monitor local outbreaks and shut down more than a few local hotspots in order to protect public health as the pandemic worsens.

Read more and 15k TKC bonus points (redeemable nowhere) for anybody who can guess the screenshot . . . Checkit:

KCMO Health Department offers free COVID-19 testing for KC restaurant employees

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department is offering free coronavirus testing for restaurant employees during a three-day testing event. According to a release, staff from the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will be at the Homefield Sports Facility located at 5300 Bannister Road, from 7 a.m.


Anonymous said...

Unless they're planning on getting tested every day then this really serves no purpose in assuring the customers that they aren't filthy with the Covid.

Tracy Thomas said...

And don't forget---if they retest someone who was positive and comes for a second or third test so they can return to work--EACH positive test gets logged as a NEW infection, and not tracked accurately, if at all, as repeat tests.

Some tests are so bad there are false positives.

The bureaucrats are mad with power. They love closing the world down. They love being interviewed. They love peddling pain and fear. AND they have never lost one day of work!

Pretty soon with double dip counting, we will have 600 million cases in a nation of 300 million people!

Furlough the bureaucrats. Watch the rats flee, and advocate opening up.

Anonymous said...

I assume you don't wear a mask, Tracy? Good for you. Stand up for your rights!

I'm kidding actually: catch it and die.

Anonymous said...

What with this testing crap. If your sick stay home and get over it or go to the hospital. If your not sick why in the hell get the test. That is just so dumb and makes no sense. You know a simple temperature taken does the trick to see if your sick or not that's what they did to me at the eye doctor and dentist. If there is a positive test what then?? Just go home and get well that's all you can do.
Notice how everything about this virus changes daily?

Anonymous said...

Aww 6:03. Did someone interfere with your programming?

Anonymous said...

Why does Dr Rex Archer feel it necessary to hold a man's testicles with an un-gloved hand and ask them to cough in order to test for corona virus?

I thought a simple temperature check was all that was needed.

Anonymous said...

that's a screenshot from Total Recall.

Your commenters have no class.