Friday, July 03, 2020

Kansas City Fighting Rent As Eviction Explosion Ready To Destroy Local Housing

The threat of evictions and the continued economic crisis has the potential to send the U.S. into a depression . . . Here's the local angle that will worsen as the end of the month approaches. Read more:

Advocates for tenants, landlords offer different solutions to avoid evictions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rents are due on the first of the month and some people are finding it hard to pay. A moratorium on evictions expired at the end of May in Jackson County. Tara Raghuveer with KC Tenants said the organization is hearing more stories of people facing homelessness.


Anonymous said...

Why don't Tara Raghuveer donate some of her families millions to help these people she so feels for. Did mommy and daddy buy her Harvard degree? Did they donate big bucks so she could get accepted there?

Anonymous said...

The crows coming home...

Remember immigration makes your rent go up, houses increase in price, your taxes to rise, and your wages to decline.

Suckers, immigration only benefits corporations.

Anonymous said...

Where's the NFL kneeling fools? Where's Patrick Mahomes??? Come on kneeling people put your money where your big mouth is and help these people.

I can guarantee you won't see a penny from these losers who flap off their big mouth about BLM and suppression but yet they have millions. Greedy son of a bitches.

Anonymous said...

This issue is the day before yesterday's news.
So no TV face time for celebrity wannabee local politicos or sports icons.
Lucas threw them a curve and left them with nothing but empty rhetoric.
Just like everyone else who has made the mistake of believing him instead of realizing that he'll say whatever it takes just to get out of the room.
KCMO is going to have a very long three years more of this kind of "leadership".
And just wait until the real financial situation of the city becomes public.

Anonymous said...

KC needs to help out.
Here is what needs to happen (don’t rely on losers at op-Ed board- they can’t save their very business):

1. Raise the earnings tax to 3%
2. Go back and collect taxes on KC Star since they sold their building
3. Collect taxes on future pension of KC Star employees.. broke? The collect it from employees who let it go bankrupt. Let’s collect from mouthpieces like Jimmy who writes about stuff like he still works there. If he and others were so good- why didn’t they have a good solid plan for continuation? Promote from within and bankruptcies will happen.
4. Raise gas prices as a tax. 50 cents a gallon.
5. Sell the Plaza tennis courts. That’s too likely White.
6. Tax adjoining cities. Make them pay for the privilege of being next to such a major city. 25 million if you are next yo KC.
7. Sell the Nelson Art Gaery. So what if you don’t own it.
8. Use imminent domain and take over the Plaza. Make it all section 9. Skip 8. Under nine use the power of Mayor 10-10-10 and use all the tax breaks and build it. As AOC SAYS- just build it. She also said we need to land on the sun at night. She is awesome!
9. Tax Pelosi’s home state. They can legally be taxed because they live taxes. California has never set eyes on anything they can’t tax. Let’s beat them and tax them. Just do it Mr Mayor 10-10-10.
10. Tax all people who use casinos. $$1000. Why not?

These awesome ideas will get KC back on track. Oh... tax all people convicted of murder-go tax their families for having to incarcerate and for raising a murderer. This will make the murder rate go down.

If none of this works... have a find raider for everyone to move to California. We can rename KC CHAD... what could go wrong?

I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't Tara Raghuveer donate some of her families millions to help these people she so feels for"

Nailed it

Anonymous said...

What? You want 2 people to save the whole city because you hate rich people and you hate poor people? What a stupid whiney twit.

Anonymous said...

So you taking your stank ass back to Germany? Bye arrogant little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you want everyone but yourself to help. Fine live in your mommy's basement until you infect her then you get the whole house to do nothing in.

Anonymous said...

I had my tenants in Jackson County evicted in April. It was easy. I called the cops on them and said they were doing illegal activities and I needed them arrested. Jackson County will grant expedited emergency evictions for illegal drug activity. So my pot-smoking lay-abouts are on the street. Maybe BLM can support them.

Anonymous said...

crows coming home to roost

All the sjws live and learn, mass immigration has raised your rent, house mortgage, and taxes and lowered your wages and took your job.

Housing developer said...

Evicting the lowlifes and freeloaders isn't going to destroy all local housing it's going to improve it. If you want to attract a better grade of tenant, you remove the lousy ones.

DramavilleKC said...

We help all the time! I know I do by the AMOUNT of taxes that are stripped from my paycheck every 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn’t have blown their stimulus money on weed and recreation and they wouldn’t be so behind on rent. Let them move to California; nice weather and lots of their own kind in the sidewalk shantytowns.