Thursday, July 02, 2020

Kansas City E-Mail Journalists Hope To Hold Politicos Accountable: And That's Why They Need At Least 50 Bucks NOW!!!

Here's a newsie fundraising effort that continues to beg from the local middle-class in order support some of the most snooze-worthy content we've seen from any publication this year.

Moreover, in our opinion, this is mostly a donation drive in order to make people feel good about supporting objective, fact-based and no nonsense reporting of which NOBODY READS or cares about . . . Except in theory.

Take a peek at a very kind presser:

KC coders developing government accountability tool for newsrooms, public

As an ongoing pandemic keeps COVID-19 in the headlines, it's difficult for Kansas City journalists to cover all local government meetings - too often resulting in critical developments and decisions falling through the cracks, say newsroom leaders. Even in the best of times, activity is spread across 119 different municipalities in the region, proving a challenge for reporters, noted Mary King.


Anonymous said...

Silicon Prairie making a difference!

Reality Speaker said...

Too bad we don't have a newspaper. The once great Star/Times is now a worthless rag I use to soak up bacon grease when frying, changing mower and cycle oil, so keep those Wednesday ads (nobody reads) coming.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is difficult for KC "journalists" to attend and cover all the meetings.
Because there are only two of them and neither of them work for the Star.
Most are too busy digging for some sketchy "facts" or making up quotes to support the current narrative of identity politics and endless victimization.
What's the latest on Lucas and CNN and the New York Times!
Just pitiful.