Saturday, July 11, 2020

Kansas City Doc Debunks Mask Objections

Push back from this local medical professional is more informed, researched and authoritative than arguments raised by drunk uncles on Facebook.

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Doctor says there's no excuse for not wearing a mask

Despite much of the metro being under a mask mandate, there are still some people who won't wear one, citing a medical exemption.But a doctor who treats hospitalized COVID-19 patients has a message for those who don't wear a mask."If someone has such a hard time breathing with a mask on, then I would certainly worry about how their breathing would be if they contracted coronavirus.


Anonymous said...

masks are common sense and not a big deal.

they're not mind control, either.

nor are they a biden bumper sticker--they're non-political.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mask work as well as your underwear does at keeping your farts from smelling.

Anonymous said...

"If someone has such a hard time breathing with a mask on, then I would certainly worry about how their breathing would be if they contracted coronavirus." This doctor apparently claims that masks block corona virus spores. He must be a doctor of philosophy.

The Bitter Truth said...

Cloth masks are WORSE than none. It’s equivalent to using a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes.
Cloth masks: I can’t even believe I’m having to explain this, but here it goes. Today, three people pointed to their masks as they walked by me entering Lowe’s. They said “ya gotta wear your mask BRO” I said very clearly “those masks don’t work bro, in fact they MAKE you sicker” they “pshh’d” me. By now hopefully you all know CLOTH masks do not filter anything. You mean the American flag one my aunt made? Yes. The one with sunflowers that looks so cute? Yes. The bandanna, the cut up t-shirt, the scarf ALL of them offer NO FILTERING whatsoever. As you exhale, you are ridding your lungs of contaminants and carbon dioxide. Cloth masks trap this carbon dioxide the best. It actually risks your health, rather than protect it. The moisture caught in these masks can become mildew ridden over night. Dry coughing, enhanced allergies, sore throat are all symptoms of a micro-mold in your mask.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet not one word you said is true, based in any sort of science, coherent, and real in any way, shape or form. Weird.

Anonymous said...

112 brainwashed msm zombie.

Anonymous said...

Good to see TKC continues giving a platform to the "bitter truth" and others that endanger public health with false medical advice and information.

I wonder what the liability is for knowingly publishing & providing fake medical information that puts people in the hospital with a deadly infection. Maybe a question for the KS or MO AG.