Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kansas City Developers & Lawyers Stay Winning Missouri Tax Breaks

This quick link tease reminds us that Kansas City's ruling class isn't so "progressive" after all as they align with the GOP Governor on financial matters.

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Gov. Parson echoes area developers in vetoing bill to alter CID, TDD taxes - Kansas City Business Journal

A collection of Kansas City development representatives breathed a sigh of relief Tuesday, as Gov. Mike Parson uncapped his veto pen and rejected a bill they argued would inhibit the creation of new special taxing districts to help finance projects.


Anonymous said...

Doug Fucking Stone again huh? "It may not be ethical, but it's legal".

Anonymous said...

Stone is to corrupt to be reasonable. His whole purpose in life is to rip off taxpayers for his own benefit and his big fat ego. A real low life.

Anonymous said...

Parsons will do anything to protect corporate welfare. Greitens may have been a scumbag but at least he wasn't a whore to the developers.

Anonymous said...

Actually Parson is just being a good Republican - against all ax increases unless they help the Wealthy, then "Katie bar the Door"!

Anonymous said...

Man, the conservative Republicans on this blog must be in turmoil today. The very tax breaks they so despise were up for removal and then veto'd by their guy.