Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Kansas City Crime Scene: 106 Murders Amid Protest & Demand For KCPD Chief To Resign

Quick peek at mug shots, crime news and info from across the metro as the political push to remove the KCPD Chief moves forward along with the local homicide count . . .


Witness recounts woman's last moments after shooting outside KC 7-Eleven

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A drive-by shooting claimed the life of a woman pushing a baby in a stroller Monday. The shooting happened in broad daylight outside the 7-Eleven near 27th Street and Van Brunt Boulevard. A person at the scene tells FOX4 the victim was only 20 years old.


KCPD: Woman pushing a baby in a stroller dead after shooting at eastside gas station

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Police in Kansas City are investigating the city's latest homicide after a woman died after being shot outside of a gas station on the city's east side. Officers said the incident happened just before 11:30 a.m. Monday at the 7-Eleven Conoco store located at 2636 Van Brunt Boulevard.

Meth Town Shootout

Independence police investigate Monday night shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Independence police are investigating a shooting that occurred Monday night. Officers responded to the 2200 block of South Sterling Avenue around 8:40 p.m., where an adult male was located "in the driveway of a residence," according to police. The victim was taken to an area hospital and is in serious, but stable condition.

Deadly Grandview Double Shooting

Metro squad investigating fatal Grandview double shooting

Grandview, Missouri police say a metro squad has convened to investigate a fatal double shooting that happened late Sunday night.Police said the incident happened around 10:30 p.m. in the Briarwood apartment complex in the 6100 block of East 126th Street.Officers were dispatched to the area on a shots fired call and found two men suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.

Summer Repair Warning

Metro contractor has history of taking thousands, making excuses - then disappearing

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. - AJ Zawisza has a warning for others after he hired a contractor and gave him $4,200 in May and has never seen since. Zawisa and his wife hired Jerry Wayne Walter Thomas in May to tear out his old deck and build a new one in the backyard of their Grain [...]

East Patrol Postscript

Parson emphasizes violent crime and homicides during Kansas City visit (AUDIO) - Missourinet

(Audio is courtesy of Missourinet Kansas City television partner KMBC) Saying that violent crime and homicides are escalating across Missouri, Governor Mike Parson traveled to Kansas City and Springfield on Monday afternoon to meet with local leaders and law enforcement officers about next week's special session.

Crash Aftermath

Metro man charged in DUI crash in Olathe had 10 beers before driving

OLATHE, Kan. - Court documents say a 29-year-old man had drank at least 10 beers when he allegedly caused a crash in Olathe that injured nine other people last month. Miguel Perez-Ramirez, 29, faces 10 counts of DUI aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated child endangerment.

Angry America Lashes Out

Crime Has Declined Overall During The Pandemic, But Shootings And Killings Are Up

Across the country, we've seen massive change brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, including a dramatic drop in the overall crime rate. David Abrams, a University of Pennsylvania law and economics professor, has been keeping an eye on numbers across the country.

Developing . . .


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Do they count rioting as a crime?

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The Mayor should resign.

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Keep Smith, fire that fucking worthless Mayor

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and yet the mayor will be here for about 7 more years weird.

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Well Well looks like the chief kneeling to the domestic terrorists didn't win them over. Play with crap chief and you will get some on you. Flipping moron.

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Euthanasia for those over 60 now!

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^^ Smart move. Remove the successful and allow queer kool aid kids to have more than mommy's basement. No tax base equates to happy times for criminals. LOL

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Did that pregnant lady who was killed look at someone funny? Maybe she was partly responsible, if she looked at someone funny. That's what got that guy killed at the other gas station.

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It's not the Police Chief. Why do you think the FEDS, Are hear.YOU have drug cartels Supplying the Gangs with Drugs to Sell They fight over territory and have anger issues .And for many of them money is tight .Fewer buyers. Because most have no,money to buy .Because of layoffs. And then the people who steal for a living to buy the drugs. And you have people with ileagel,guns with anger problems .

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Get rid of that stupid East Patrol Major. He sucks. I don’t think he has ever heard of community policing.

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The girl was pregnant so the murderous black count is up to 107.

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