Friday, July 03, 2020

Kansas City Costly 'Renter's Rights' Movement Stays Winning

This report might encourage local activists who have seen City Hall enact a surprising number of their proposed reforms.

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Corporate Landlord Of Troubled Kansas City Apartments Hit With $7,500-A-Day Fine

A Jackson County judge on Tuesday fined a corporate landlord $7,500 a day and entered a default judgment against it after finding the company in contempt for ignoring court orders. The extraordinary sanctions against a unit of T.E.H.


Anonymous said...

Certainly past time for this horrible company to pony up.
But the fines go to the court.
The residents will still be out on the streets if they don't pay the rent.
So much winning!

Anonymous said...

Why don’t the tenants move? There are lots of nice places.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to impose a fine. It's a lot harder to collect. As this judge will soon find out.