Monday, July 06, 2020

Kansas City Copes With Collective Grief

This personal essay examines loss from an artsy perspective and reflects on changing times without realizing that the "good old days" were never really that good.

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On Navigating the Crisis, from Grief to Gratefulness - KC STUDIO

It's not as if we need another word about grief. But here goes. An old friend of mine died in April. He didn't have the novel coronavirus, but cancer re-emerged in his body and made its final move. I dug out a picture I'd made more than 50 years ago.


Silvestor orgalthorpe said...

Grief is something we will all go through as we lose someone we love. There are no exceptions
My wife has been gone for more than twenty Years now, and that pain has left me for many years. The pain of loss has been replaced by memori es of happy times we shared together
Each person handles it differntly but as time goes on it becomes easier to deal with
Your life goes on and you do no good by standing still. Live your life. Be happy that you still can

Anonymous said...

Silvestor, its easy for us who have not yet experienced that level of life-changing grief to put aside our feelings and simply ignore the suffering of others. I do the same yet I'm aware what will eventually happen. I make an effort to be empathetic to you, my neighbors, my family to buffer my own grief when I have to experience it myself. Thanks for your post.