Thursday, July 09, 2020

Kansas City Coffee Constancy Exemplified

This "creative class" denizen continues his vocation despite a great many setbacks . . . Whilst this blog community often clowns hipsters, there's no denying the persistence of this small biz. Read more:

Thou Mayest closes Crossroads shop: How a gritty, COVID-proof cafe on casters could be coffee's future

Thou Mayest closed its Crossroads coffee shop June 30 - just a year after reopening at a new home in the arts district. What's next? "We're going to keep it small. We're going to keep it gritty. And we're just going to grow with it."


Anonymous said...

Stay away from the Roastery the owners a world class ass.

Anonymous said...

Special niche shops are going to close by droves. Because special is only special for awhile and only for special people. Cupcakes for gray cats is not going to make everyone come in the door. America start ups haven't figured that up since the trend started 10 -15 years ago. Funny that they replaced chains and mom and pops without special niches that had been in business 40 -60 years. But the failure rate should be alarming enough. Cupcake get your cupcake while they last, a new stationary for lefties from Cambodia is soon to replace it.