Thursday, July 09, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs' Mitchell Schwartz Stands Against Farrakhan Tweet Quote

Football debate continues as reaction to the ill-advised posted quote has a footballer walking back his tacit endorsement . . . Here's the local angle with an inspiring message from a beloved local Super Bowl Champion:

Chiefs' Mitchell Schwartz pens powerful message on anti-Semitism in response to DeSean Jackson

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz said he could no longer stay silent.


Anonymous said...

Okay you got some attention now so go sit back down and STFU

Anonymous said...

^^ Those anti-semites sure did make a temporary raucous.

Strother Martin said...

Antisemitism is awful, Anne Frank-ly I'm offended !

Anonymous said...

DeSean isn’t smart enough to understand what he tweeted. He is typically stupid. Listen to him try to speak English sometime.

Anonymous said...

oh "discrimination" against jews , the wealthiest group of greedy scammers in the USA & the world, with all the racism impoverished Blacks have faced in America ..