Sunday, July 26, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Confront Reality Check On Football Dynasty Dreams

The team had a remarkable underdog story but a KC sports dynasty remains an elusive goal that only exists in the minds of fanboys amid the preseason i.e. a coronavirus fever dream.

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Refuting Colin Cowherd's list of why KC Chiefs won't win five more titles

Colin Cowherd continues to vocally voice his displeasure for the KC Chiefs and the latest episode of this involves him dismissing any chances of them winning five more Super Bowl titles. There are many "experts" in the field of sports, who have an ESPN or a CBS Sports or a Fox Sports press pass in their wallet.


Charlie Horse said...

Coward or Cowturd is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Look at Patric Mahomes. He has no neck. The guy thinks he is now a part of Kansas City. He will never be part of our city and never be accepted. He's just one of those sewer rats that came in and polluted our city. Lets work on getting him out of here, he would do better in Chicago or LA. He could make extra money there pimping his skank.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^Quiet, sewer rat.

Your nasty racism is going the way of the Dodo.

I've been reminded, more than once, that the racist views expressed in the comments on this blog do NOT reflect the rest of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

It is NO stretch for Cowherd to say the Chiefs won't win five more Super Bowls. That's incredibly difficult to do at a time when rules help league parity more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouse...The Karen of TKC comments forum. Thanks Karen. Now call the cops, you know, the ones you want to defund.

Anonymous said...

Support of BLM and the virus will destroy the NFL as it will MLB and NASCAR. People do not want politics in their entertainment and thanks to the virus have discovered life without spoiled professional athletes. It's your life, live it.