Sunday, July 19, 2020

Kansas City Catholic History & Cancel Culture

Interesting big picture perspective offers a neat story about a local journalism startup . . . Read more:

The Harper's Letter

Robert Hoyt, the founding editor of the National Catholic Reporter, liked to tell the story of naming the groundbreaking independent weekly newspaper in 1964 in Kansas City, Missouri. As a courtesy, he met with the local bishop hoping for his blessing if not his support.


Anonymous said...

The last three bishops of Kansas City - St. Joseph have directed the NCR to remove the word Catholic from their masthead as it is deceptive, being that the paper is is heterodox if not heretical. The NCR has been obstinate in its disobedience to a demand from proper authority. It is know among serious Catholics as the National Catholic Distorter or just The Fishwrap.

Anonymous said...

White priests rape black children. BLM should be on this and call for action

Anonymous said...

I’m sure the Catholic Church would love for society to cancel the Church-protected rapist, pedophile, sex predators harbored and protected all those decades. Sorry but it ain’t gonna happen. We will never forget the abhorrent behavior.