Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Kansas City Bra Party For A Good Cause

The slate of Summer charity/social events has been seriously hampered by the pandemic but the critical need persists. Here's a peek at one group of organizers doing more than just postponing their event calendar . . . Checkit:

Five Things You Don't Know About Bra Couture KC - In Kansas City

Bra-vo to our friends at Bra Couture KC for celebrating over a decade of philanthropy. Initially created to support uninsured/underinsured patients at The University of Kansas Medical Center, Bra Couture KC's increased success has allowed them to expand services to other hospitals, cancer centers, and community organizations.


Anonymous said...

Are These bras for men , women or its ? Since Kc seems to have more its than men . And the Fake tit Jocos don't need tit hangers. The butchies don't wear them. Your Killa City is in a Pickle and it seems to be self emasculating . WE NEED the WORLDLY experience solutions of BYRON !

Anonymous said...

The Sicko's of KCMO. Helping the world one bra at a time.