Friday, July 03, 2020

Kansas City Biz Injects The Light

Here's a sales pitch offering "scientific proof" that consumer may or may not want to be their life on . . . Read more:

UV light really can kill Coronavirus, founder says - and his tech proves it from the inside

Outfitting existing HVAC systems with ultraviolet lighting in offices and public spaces could be the most sustainable, long-term solution to eliminating the Coronavirus - and fears over returning to work, said Dave Ogle. "I know there's a lot of jokes.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it also sterilizes all these illegal breeding like rats.

Anonymous said...

In general, as energy efficiency standards reduce the amount of outside air to be conditioned in favor of recirculating stale air, this would be an excellent solution for the problem of microbes caught up in the flow. It could be the trick needed to sterilize air in commercial aircraft.

Anonymous said...

Does it turn niggers, white?