Sunday, July 26, 2020

Kansas City Artsy Faith Life Explored

Alternative medical therapies examined given that everyone is too afraid to go to the doctor right now . . . Read more:

Bringing An Artist's Spirituality to the Practice of Medicine

Dr. Nancy Tilson-Mallett is a rare combination - she's both a physician and an artist. It's hard to imagine a dual career that requires more left brain/right brain balance than that. As a doctor, however, she's aware that many people get trained as physicians without paying enough attention to the spiritual side of life.


Anonymous said...

Her physician skills won’t save anyone’s life but after seeing her art, her patients will be ok with dying, she has no artistic skill whatsoever.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Thanks for sharing, asshole.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sure a lot of Asian faces in those Med Student faces. Never trust a Chunk.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ The correct derogatory name for an Asian is a "Chink" - a "Chunk" is anybody that posts something like you just did @9:19!

Anonymous said...

A throwaway Flatland submission from Bill Tammeus, the homosexual promoting a liberal reinterpretation of Biblical scripture.

I'll give you 1 guess (that's all you need) as to the political/social affiliation of Tammeus' subject, a Nancy Tilson-Mallett.

1) She has a hyphenated name.
2) She has the lesbian butch haircut.
3) Tammeus writes: She decided to be a doctor at age 14 when she was trying to navigate a home with an alcoholic father and a “codependent” mother, she says.
So, she's a VICTIM. Did everybody catch that? All liberals and SJW's are self-described victims.
4) If you assess her photo from the article, do you notice she has a thyroid imbalance?
5) Though she's apparently a physician, she teaches art to med students who are desperate for some easy credits.

Tracy Thomas said...

Clearly, the TKC trolls are intent on attacking anyone who works to make the world a better place, including helping doctors see their patients as more than symptoms.
Which the trolls may need, since they are beset with toxic thoughts and behaviors that lead to so many illnesses! They may wish their docs had taken Dr. Nancy's classes before they are locked up or their complex symptoms go undiagnosed or connected or treated.

Dr. Nancy is a brilliant, kind, talented, caring, intuitive woman, wife, mother, grandmother. And my friend.

She is also a writer. And has done stand-up comedy--I'd imagine she'd dispatch these trolls with a quick verbal rejoinder and her great wit.

She's also a social activist who defended and supported Esme Tseng, a 16 year old from Blue Valley, who was unfairly charged with murder by Dennis Moore when he was power climbing, and trying to be a hard-ass prosecutor en route to Congress.

FWIW, she got a short haircut and quit dyeing her red hair. Of course we don't see the beer guts of the TKC anonymous trolls! And no thyroid issues--trolls should not diagnose on this site. That could get Tony fined by the Mo. Board of Healing Arts!

Anonymous said...

Tracy is pretty angry for an old woman. Old women are usually more mellow and don’t resort to unnecessary vicious sarcasm.

Tracy Thomas said...

And that artwork shown was not created by Dr. Nancy--it was a med student who is not an artist.

As for me: I'm not that old. And in this case, I'm not angry, I'm factual. Anonymous 4:59 is like one of Dr. Sach's patients--with such an odd or disordered brain, they mislabel what they see, and can't "read" a mood or a situation. 4:59, you better pray that when a doctor treats you, they have a loving and wholistic view of your sorry ass!

Anonymous said...

Clues #1-5 stand as stated.
Tracy confirmed that she's a "social activist."
No thyroid issues? The photo that was included with the article is indicative of a common thyroid issue involving the eyes.

Tracy states: "Dr. Nancy is a brilliant, kind, talented, caring, intuitive woman, wife, mother, grandmother. And my friend."

I'm not disputing that, and trust Tracy to make those judgments.

But #1-5 stand as stated. #1-5 can be true at the same time that Tracy's quote above is true. My real criticism is with Tammeus and Flatland, if the good doctor has thin skin, then perhaps don't consent to liberal media interviews.