Monday, July 13, 2020

Kansas City Art History In Danger

Worthwhile effort to save an artsy treasure as the Downtown Kansas City Board of Education Building confronts the wrecking ball . . . Read more:

Arts News: Saving a Kansas City Treasure - KC STUDIO

Talented, sometimes troubled and often ill, Arthur M. Kraft (1922 - 1977) forged a major art career in his native Kansas City, while exhibiting throughout the United States and Europe. Now the fate of one of his foremost contributions to the city - a mosaic mural of a joyful, playful circus panorama, is uncertain.


Anonymous said...

The mural doesn't fall under the "just polishing a turd when it's all said and done" category. It is a nice piece of work.
Question is will it be worth all the time and money? I mean what if the value of the mural is only $17,000. Not the right thing to do if that's the case money wise.

Anonymous said...

My entire heritage and ethnic identity are tied up into this art! Save or I will die!!