Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Kansas City Amateur Urban Planners Earn Another Shot At Armour Road

Bike/Walk advocates RUINED this street and residents revolted against their ill-conceived plans. Now they're getting a second chance to show the community what they've learned . . . Read more:

Midtown road improvements, delayed nearly 1 year, have begun

Getting onto Armour Boulevard from a side street is tricky. Time and again, drivers roll out past the stop sign to make sure the road is clear. People who live in the area have said the situation got dicey when protected bike lanes went up along the corridor.


Anonymous said...

This is a street redesigned by idiots. It can only get worse

Anonymous said...

Those idiots that are complaining are the very idiots who voted these people in. Voting has consequences and the Central Hyde Park residents are not smart. They are the ones who voted Kay Barnes in who put all of the section 8 on Armour and then went running to the republicans for help. Thankfully they wouldn't help them.

Anonymous said...

We have Bike Boy Bunch and his car hating friends at Bike/Walk KC to thank for the mess on Armour. In addition to the dangerous intersections they created, lots of wasted tax dollars. Bike boys are quietly on the move working to play thier agenda forward under the "Complete Streets" banner. Gotta watch them.
And for the real question....have you seen the bike lanes used? Nice idea that isn't grounded by reality.

Anonymous said...

I dont even drive down Armour anymore. Its the most unsafe street in KC. You dont know what to look out for... cars, people, bikes, car doors, peoples bags. Its not just dicey its downright dangerous.