Monday, July 06, 2020

Kansas City Afternoon News Blast

Some Internets users pity hottie 25-year-old Courtney for her All-American antics . . . Right now, she inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and info from across the nation. Checkit:

Artsy K Will Survive Thanks To Rich Parents & Taxpayers

Kauffman Center CEO is bullish + #MaskUpKC

Kauffman Center CEO remains bullish on venue's future The COVID-19 pandemic has created a budget crunch for the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, which already has canceled 85 shows this season, according to a report by The Kansas City Business Journal .

JoCo Honcho Won't Go

Embattled Shawnee Mission principal won't transfer to other high school, for now

A Shawnee Mission principal has been placed on "modified duty" while an outside investigator looks into allegations against him, leaving an immediate vacancy at Shawnee Mission West. Paul Colwell, who served as principal of Shawnee Mission Horizons High School for five years, was accused by staff and students of making racist and sexist remarks, bullying and intimidation.

Locals Target Crime

Grassroots groups unite to stage violence prevention events

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A coalition of urban core groups is meeting Monday afternoon to discuss what more they can do to reduce gun violence in the city. Yet another shooting Monday morning near East 114th Street and Spring Valley Road has left a man fighting for his life in the hospital.


Trump attacks NASCAR and Bubba Wallace over Confederate flag banning, noose controversy

President Donald Trump on Monday took aim at NASCAR's Darrell "Bubba" Wallace, a prominent Black driver, falsely claiming on Twitter the racing sport's recent anti-racist stance lowered its television ratings.

Court Earns Starring Role In Hollywood Threeway

Brian Austin Green Sets the Record Straight on His Relationships with Courtney Stodden and Tina Louise

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star was previously seen out on separate occasions with both women The Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 46, set the record straight on Friday, explaining that he's not romantically involved with Courtney Stodden or dating model Tina Louise after he was seen out on separate occasions with both women.

Final Note

Charlie Daniels, Country Music Hall of Famer known for 'Devil Went Down to Georgia,' dies at 83

Charlie Daniels, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame best known for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," died Monday morning after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 83. Daniels' death was confirmed by his publicist, Don Murry Grubbs, to The Tennessean, part of the USA TODAY Network.

Central Park Consequnces

Woman who accused Central Park birdwatcher of threatening her faces charges, DA says

Amy Cooper, the woman who was caught on video accusing Central Park birdwatcher Christian Cooper, a Black man, of threatening her will be prosecuted, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said Monday in New York.

QB Earns Patriotic Rebuke

Colin Kaepernick mocked for tweet calling Fourth of July 'celebration of white supremacy'

Colin Kaepernick was ripped on social media over the weekend over his tweet denouncing the Fourth of July holiday -- which comes about nine years after he was celebrating America's independence. Kaepernick posted a video showing the Ku Klux Klan, police brutality, slavery and lynchings.

Rough Branding Play

American Girl blasts fake ad showing 'Karen' doll with gun

The manufacturer of the popular American Girl dolls says it is "disgusted" by an online parody that depicted one of its toys as a gun-toting white doll named Karen who refuses to wear a face mask while shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Boozy Takeout Celebrated

To-go daiquiris by the gallon from this Power & Light bar are quenching our thirst this summer

What's better than a half gallon of cold, colorful, quenching tropical slushy on a hot summer day? The same thing, but boozy. If you're looking for a half gallon-or, hey, a full gallon-of a smooth-drinking and flavorful frozen daiquiri, you'll find it in the Power & Light District.

Winning Tech Future

'Beacon of light' - Meet four new Digital Sandbox startups that could reshape KC tech

Digital Sandbox KC's latest quartet of funded companies will help Kansas City build a better, more inclusive startup ecosystem, said Jill Meyer. "We've always been keenly aware of the inequities in the tech ecosystem, especially for entrepreneurs of color," said Meyer, who leads Digital Sandbox and is senior director of the Technology Ventures Studio at the UMKC Innovation Center.

Local Bag Update

'No-tag' trash amnesty week underway in KCMO

Kansas City, MO - This week is a 'trash amnesty' week for KCMO residents. Typically, residents are allowed just two bags of trash per household per week, and must purchase tags to mark additional bags of trash.

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Byron Funkhouser said...

Once again, Colin Kaepernick pisses off some white people by telling them the truth they don't want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Our POTUS is a dipshit anyone who still supports Captian Cheeto is either racist or clueless the the ret of the world around them

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I don't live in KCMO and would be heading for the hills if I did, but I pay that stupid 1% tax every year. You don't just get a container to fill up with trash every week? Just two bags, tagged like deer?

Anonymous said...

"Trump attacks NASCAR and Bubba Wallace over Confederate flag banning, noose controversy"

I for one am happy that with the coronavirus, the race problems, and the economy, our fearless leader has chosen to concentrate on this nation's real problems.

Remmi said...

What an absolutely weak president. Have to agree with some of the other comments here. Guy needs to be voted out of office. Being publicity stunt, reality show politics is tearing this country apart when we need real solid and stable governance. I'm not a Democrat and might have to hold my nose if I decide to vote for Biden. But this is just too much, an obvious publicity stunt when we're dealing with so much more important stuff is the best sign that he thinks this is a game.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

....just watch.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Cant watch right now CHUD, your wife’s mouth is is on my balls. Let us know when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Trump wins again and he’ll be the only impeached President to be re-elected! Haha!

Damn that must hurt you rapey golden hair that little kids play with joe supporters!

Anonymous said...

Don’t worry about bubba, he got a talking too after he pissed off every white person in the country by calling them racist. Then his sponsors said hey son, were writing your paychecks and if the sponsors pull out then the only ride you’ll be driving is the family station wagon.

I’m betting his white daddy and white girlfriend had something to say as well.

His apology if that’s what you want to call it was pathetic by the way, just like his driving skills but hey, they needed some diversity in nascar and he was the best they could find.

Anonymous said...

Who’s watching ole rapey sleepy joe in his bunker? I wonder how many naps he takes to get through the day. Serious question.

Anonymous said...

why is it the loudest BLM protesters are the ones with the least black heritage..mulattoes
like Kap and Bubba?

Anonymous said...

So a vice principal/principal has a job where there is no parental involvement? I see no comments in the articles from any parents/guardians.

Clayton Bigsby said...

just what I want to hear is the "truth" from nigger who was raised by Jews,probably more interesting than your life story ShitHouser

Boomer said...

5:25 Chigger, you still up? Get back down in your basement before your momma finds you messin' wit her 'puter.

Anonymous said...

Trump hung out with Epstein on the regular, if we're talking rapey

Anonymous said...

Damn 8:23 you are the true definition of a Republican

Anonymous said...

Yowzer. Two bags/week limit? No wonder everyone dumps their trash.

Anonymous said...

Blacks need jobs badly. That's the way out of a terrible life and neighborhood. Trump is the one president that brought black unemployment to all-time lows. Obama and Bush couldn't figure out how to get the economy going again. It took a New York businessman with confidence to do it. Biden is just going to tax Americans so much that take-home pay will be cut in half so the Dems can fulfill their radical socialist wet dreams.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Blacks need to apply for jobs first which requires atleast a 7th grade education