Friday, July 31, 2020

Kansas Agency Excuses Disappoint Amid Tragic Aftermath Of Youngster Killed

A young girl from KCK suffered deadly child abuse according to preliminary reports and the bureaucratic explanation simply doesn't resonate . . . Read more:

Kansas DCF head defends agency actions in Olivia Jansen case

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The secretary for Kansas Department For Children and Families said Friday she has no reason to believe the agency didn't do its job correctly when it comes to Olivia Jansen. The 3-year-old's body was found on July 10 in KCK .


The Real 411 said...

Kansas Department For Children has never done anything wrong just ask them. It's the worst ran family services in the country. Individual county managers known for favoritism and money kick backs to look the other way. Then you have the psychotic social workers that everyone else has rejected who get hired and do more damage than good.

Anonymous said...

Kansas DCF came after me to investigate me for "mis-treatment" of my elderly parent. Problem was they couldnt find me. As I was living in London, and had for years. My Dad was in a Kansas nursing home where he got full care. I hadn't been back for years either. So how was it I wasnt changing his diapers or feeding him or taking him out often enough? I was in London! Idiots. I tried to sue them but couldnt. But now I can falsely accuse them of abuse and I can get away with it! I can play their game!

Anonymous said...

You are missing something. Your dad would have had to complain to the old folks homes' nurses/specialists first and then KS DCF would be called. Then a possible case is made. Obvious your name was mentioned for not taking dad to Walmart enough times. I went thru the same thing too.

Anonymous said...

What I'm not 100% sure about is how many three year old children actually understand and answer questions when asked? Sure the child can nod their heads and possible speak two words at a time at most.

I haven' been around any three year olds learning to speak since my nephew and he just graduated from Sumner pretty high up on the list. I taught him his first word "watch" and soon after could say momma. Was Olivia brighter than my nephew? Possibly.

I'd look into the girlfriend or other siblings/children doing the abuse. Reasons being jealousy because the real mother helped make a very beautiful kid. If daddy did any of the abuse, which personally just by looking at the resemblance of Olivia compared to her dad, I don't think he did, then I'd suggest grandpa looking in the mirror to remember any such instances with son while he was young that were comparable.

My words here still won't help Olivia now but that's what I think for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Government can do nothing well. You will all find this out when we have "free" healthcare, which is the same as no healthcare.