Friday, July 03, 2020

Kansas ACLU Union Slap Fight Explained

A quick missive for our late night legal eagle friends and a look at how social justice culture war can get complicated among progressive factions.

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ACLU Accused of 'Union Busting' by Hiring 'Anti-Union' Law Firm Over Labor Dispute

Workers and labor organizers at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Kansas have met resistance from the affiliate's executive director Nadine Johnson after reportedly obtaining majority support for a union there-accusing the storied civil liberties organization of "union busting" over a series of procedural moves apparently aimed at slowing down the union recognition process.


Anonymous said...

typical liberal Democrat scam group --"do as we say-not as we do"

Anonymous said...

Down with the ACLJoo.

Anonymous said...

Every strong Liberal I know does this two faced behavior. Black lives matter sign in their yard. And Illegal Mexicans working for pennies re- roofing their home. Modern Slavery is all that is. Saving the Neighbor big bucks over human rights is the game. Shame, shame shame, paying someone to climb on a roof all day for $4 an hour under the table.