Tuesday, July 28, 2020

JoCo Coronavirus Guide Revealed

Here's the Golden Ghetto guide that will be memorized by Karen tonight . . . Checkit:

Johnson County, Kansas Health Department releases school reopening guidelines

The Johnson County, Kansas Health Department released guidelines Tuesday for reopening K-12 schools this fall."These guidelines are a starting point for school administrators and parents/caregivers to make decisions on what is best for their school community and individual family," said Dr. Sanmi Areola, the county's health director.The recommendations include the types of learning modes and extra-curricular activities that are recommended, based on the current knowledge and data about COVID-19.


Anonymous said...

When the Coronavirus finally "merges" with the flu, and it will, people will be dying by the millions. The government is not telling you that when someone gets both at the same time, the viruses will "find each other" and make a new virus.

Issue is, people are afraid of vaccines and dont even get flu shots. So a great Coronavirus vaccine will be rejected by 65% of all people. There is no solution but mandate everyone get vaccinated. Or we all die.

Donald J Trump said...

We'll be fine. Large parts of the country are China virus free. The numbers are looking very good.

Not only are we looking into shining a light inside the body and using bleach disinfectant as an injection to clean the lungs, there is a new doctor that is an important voice in finding a cure.

Dr. Stella (very impressive!) says the problem is demon sperm and alien DNA. Masks don't work. The government is run in part by non-human reptilians. This is not only sound medical opinion, but it's protected as religions freedom.

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