Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Hickman Mills Area Plan Push Back

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A Promise Delayed, Or a Promise Broken?

I noticed linked to the Martin City Telegraph article on the recently reviewed Hickman Mills Area Plan. The problem with that link is that the article was written by John Sharp. He's the one who testified in person before the Neighborhood and Development Committee when he was supposed to either send in his comments...


Anonymous said...

John Sharp only pretends to care about Hickman Mills. He was all over Red Bridge Shopping Center, seemingly becoming best buds with the Buckleys. He's even pushed development in Martin Center and started his little newspaper there. Name me one thing he's done for Hickman Mills. Oh, right. As a member of PIAC (he can't get away from being involved in government), he's voted to move some money towards sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Spot on. Didn't Sharp's son have to leave his teaching job in Texas because of some kind of sexual behavior he "accidentally" shared with his students or something? Whatever it was neither of them can be considered members of the Me, too movement. Now he's trying to get his son re-elected to the state legislature. Of course we all know that would be in name only because we know who would be pulling the strings.