Friday Fair Warning: Kansas City Police Conduct July 4th Drunk Roundup

Locals who chose to drink and drive could find themselves losing a great deal of liberty amid this holiday celebrating American Independence . . . Read more:

To combat rising fatal crashes, KCPD to conduct saturation patrols Friday night

Nearly three-fourths of fatal Kansas City traffic crashes so far this year have involved an impaired driver, so Kansas City Police will conduct saturation patrols late Friday night, July 3rd, into early Saturday to try to curb that number.


  1. Somebody better tuck Lucas in before this dragnet starts.
    He's already embarrassed himself enough in the last couple months to last a lifetime.

  2. Life is different in the last few months for many after that Queer eye star caught HIV and cancelled filming the show in KC. The blow up Unicorn has deflated for many. Weird

  3. Look out Gary Spehar! Your driving drunk again!


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