Thursday, July 02, 2020

Former Kansas City Scribe Jason Whitlock Defends Christianity And Terry Crews

A peek at the social media discourse as this town's most celebrated culture warrior scribe offers just a bit of push back against social justice warriors.

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Everybody (On Twitter) Hates Terry Crews And Christianity - Outkick

Tuesday, Twitter reminded NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews that Jack Dorsey's social media app taxes its popular users for expressing Christian values. Crews, a co-star on the NBC sitcom "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," tweeted polite concern regarding the direction and messaging of the Black Lives Matter Movement. He wrapped his concern in his Christian beliefs, tweeting: "If you [...]


Anonymous said...

Despicable dimwits run twitter so of course they automatically hate white people and Christians, the dimwits have the same vision of Adolph hitlers but this version eliminates white people and Christians to achieve the ultimate singular race.

That’s the direction this is going people. Democrat run cities have become the new Auschwitz of modern times.

Anonymous said...

Terry Crew should be Trumps running mate. That could save this country.

Anonymous said...

6:44 lol. Yes, Auschwitz of modern times. Great comparison. SMDH.

7:06 - Terry Crew's character from Idiocracy is already in the WH, so there's that.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Actually, the Warsaw Ghetto would be a better comparison.

Anonymous said...

6:44 That might possibly be the dumbest TKC statement ever