Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Establishment GOP Protect Senate Seat From Kris Kobach & Democratic Party

The safe and boring choice is starting to take shape for conservative Kansas voters who will politely ignore old school mudslinging . . . Read more:

Sen. Pat Roberts backs Rep. Roger Marshall in Kansas Senate race

WASHINGTON (KCTV) - The outgoing senator from Kansas has made his choice for who he hopes succeeds him in Washington representing the Sunflower State. In a series of tweets Tuesday, Senator Pat Roberts endorsed Rep. Dr. Roger Marshall in the Republican primary for Roberts' Senate seat.


Anonymous said...

What are their views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Marshall's probably the least worst. Just don't stand in front of his car.

Anonymous said...

Beginning to think that Dave Lindstrom might be the best of the bunch, but he doesn't seem to have much money to advertise.

Anonymous said...

Trump's Republican Party folks. Who can be the biggest dip shit conspiracy, stupid, weirdo.

And yes, Roger is the best option for Republicans. If he doesn't get the nomination, Republicans definitely lose the seat.

What's it gonna be Trumptard Republicans? You gonna vote for one of the two nutcases and probably give up the seat? Quite the pickle for you idiots but I'm sure you'll vote with your hearts. Then again, Roger probably has a good shot because Plumber Bob and KKKobach will split the weirdo tin foil vote.

Anonymous said...

One DC establishment swamp creature endorses another.

If Robert's 40 plus years of cronyism doesn't convince you, maybe Bob Dole's endorsement will. Another RINO that milked the system for over half a century. What a circle jerk.

Sorry, you don't get to pick your successor. Besides, we don't need yet another dipshit hick from the barren dustbowl of nowhere Kansas to represent Joco. Marshall doesn't have a chance in this primary.

Anonymous said...

Marshall is the most fanatical "pro-lifer" that will legislate the end of birth control.

Yeah, let's get that guy. Great idea.