Saturday, July 04, 2020

EPIC Ozark Party Time Despite Coronavirus

A glimpse at nearby good times despite growing pandemic number and national media shaming. . . Take a look:

1 million expected at Lake of the Ozarks for 4th of July as pandemic continues

The Lake of the Ozarks is preparing for one of their largest celebrations of America's birthday, since Missouri ended restrictions and some surrounding states, like Illinois, have not. One bar owner estimated the crowds would far surpass Memorial Day weekend.


Same old crap said...

Covid 19 is a joke. Most medical doctors will tell you that if you get away from the fake news and read the real medical reports. Get a life and have fun.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Which doctors are saying that? Doctor Drew? Doctor Seuss? Doctor Demento?

You go have fun... and drop dead. Or at least rack up a huge medical bill along with some long term lung and heart damage. The more you know.

Retro ROCKER said...

The World is one GREAT HOAX. Don't be a Mark. They had you held up in yourHome for months many lost there Job's Looks like there are over a million tourist in Missouri THAT WON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN. ENJOY THE SHOW

Oswald said...

Theo fools are going to bring it home to grandma and the little kids. Actually, I don't think the government cares if older folks die. Social Security and Medicare are under attack, and this will take the pressure off.

Anonymous said...

The government said "masks arent needed". So a bunch of old people got sick and died. They want older people to die faster. It takes a load off the medicare and SS funding. If your over 60, then the govt hopes you will die and dissapear. Those over 60 are no longer needed by the govt. The bigger problem in the ozarks is the herpes those girls are spreading each hour