Friday, July 24, 2020

Downtown Kansas City P&L District 'Social Distancing' Royals Watch Party Will Suck

A preview of a gimmick to bring people back to the loop offers a poor substitute for the real thing . . . Like moderating food & alcohol intake or safer sex -- Admittedly, both of those are probably good ideas but I digress . . . Checkit:

Power & Light ready to host socially distanced Royals watch party

Organizers of this watch party about what that means for their events. A historic football season packed power and light with thousands of chiefs fans at -- defense. Baseball season will be different.


Anonymous said...

The watch party won’t suck but there’s a lot of homosexuals downtown that like to suck.

Anonymous said...

The Royals are after the "antifa crowd" this year. That rules out any fan over 25 yrs. old.

Anonymous said...

A ROYAL party would suck no matter. Make sure you and the other 2 party goers enjoy the show.