Thursday, July 09, 2020

Crybaby Report: Overland Park Abortion Clinic Cutbacks Amid Bullying

Given the level of horrific butchery this facility endorses . . . The complaints over tense feelings they confront shouldn't be surprising.

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Planned Parenthood Great Plains Cuts Staff Amid Complaints Of 'Chaos And Toxicity'

Planned Parenthood Great Plains, which operates health clinics in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, has offered severance packages to dozens of employees as it reels from a financial crisis caused in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thirty-six employees in communications, development, education, human resources, finance and public affairs were eligible to receive the offers.


Rob said...

Well they have been cutting for years ! Hundreds of babies have been cut here you know remove a head, cut off an arm and a leg, suck that "Thing" out of her. The massacre has now turned on the staff at the butcher shop and I see that as justice served cold. Prayers have been answered.

Anonymous said...


Planned Parenthood is to Parenthood


Xenophobia is to Tolerance and Diversity

Anonymous said...

What are the hallmarks of the demonic?
"Chaos and toxicity"

Byron Funkhouser said...

Men deciding that women shouldn't be allowed to have a safe & legal abortion is NOT freedom.

In fact, it's disgusting.

"... horrific butchery ...Oh, please.

Anonymous said...

@ Stupid Byron: Killing a living human being is horrific butchery. Wish your mom had done it so we wouldn't have your crap in our comments. The women have choices that does not include murder.
1) Quit being a slut and tie your knees together.
2) Stop sucking dick and then playing bouncy house on it.
3) Take responsibility for your decision to have sex.
4) Stop drinking and being easy.
5) Act like your grandmother, wait until you are married to have sex.
6) Pay attention in health class to what causes a baby.