Saturday, July 11, 2020

Corona Hits Kansas City NextGen

Reality check for the worsening pandemic and locals who, mistakenly, think they're immune. Read more:

Kansas City hospital seeing younger coronavirus patients

Doctors at a Kansas City hospital are seeing younger coronavirus patients. Truman Medical Center says they're getting an increasing number of patients under 40. "Prior to June 1, the percent of patients who were under 40 who were positive was less than half," said Dr. Mark Steele, Chief Clinical Officer at Truman Medical Center.


Kim Jong Un said...


Anonymous said...

Sad way for kids to learn that NO ONE is immune to the risk.

Anonymous said...

2:31 imagine that, killa shitty is up 1900 new cases in the last four weeks.

We had 1187 cases from the first week of March to the last week of May, right before the riots started.

Look where we are now. Dimwit run city and a psycho health department loser.

Anonymous said...

That’s 3087 total cases for you dimwits because you think you don’t have to follow the guidelines, you people have blood on your hands.

Anonymous said...

3 new covid 19 deaths since Friday too.

No one to blame but the boy blunder for these deaths.

Anonymous said...

Didn't everyone know the propaganda now is.... this is a smart virus and only goes after young people and children. Everyday it's some bogus BS and people are falling for it. No doubt there was a virus but they are bringing up bogus statistics now and it's so stupid a 5 year old can figure out what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

^^The propaganda is already starting with school approaching:


These idiots are so predictable.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is safe from the despicable dimwits, they’re sending people into cities and towns under the guise that they are protesting, they’ve been sending people with the Kung fu flu to spread it around and crash the economy. No wonder you didn’t see one dimwit politician telling these people to stop, better yet they encouraged this. These idiots will stop at nothing because.... orange man bad.

The despicable dimwits hate the middle class because we won’t tolerate their shit and that’s why since obummer they’ve been trying to eliminate us.

It’s amazing how destroying the public education system has people eating out of their hands. Everybody needs to wake up get rid of these morons. They’re killing us for power.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Hysterical nonsense.

"...sending people into the cities...", Why? Most of the people living in the cities are Democrats.

"...The despicable dimwits hate the middle class..." How did you come to this conclusion. Did one of those rich people from Fox Entertainment tell you this? Most Democrats are middle class, while Republicans are either dirt poor, or filthy rich.

If you really want to see killing on a massive scale check back about three weeks after the schools open. First, you wanted to sacrifice the elderly for the sake of the economy, & now, you want to sacrifice the children for the sake of the education system.

So many children will be dying that Mike Pence will finally invoke the 25th Amendment after Trump loses in a landslide. Everyone will acknowledge that we can't wait until January, he'll be removed in November.

Anonymous said...

And that is exactly what he will do. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouser is the epitome of a world class loser and idiot who is now known as "Fucking Retarded Asshole."
He changed his name to reflect more about who he is.

Anonymous said...

When your two major activities are protesting and boozing, both without a mask or any effort at social distancing, your stupidity is likely to make you a prime victim of the virus.
Keep in mind that this is the same age cohort that imagines that it has such superior judgment that they should be running the world.
Where's Greta?!

Anonymous said...

The serious complications and death rate for ppl under 40 is practically zero...99.99900 going to be fine.

The MSM makes you stupid and afraid of your shadow...fake plague.

ALL the numbers are cooked and bogus.

Anonymous said...

If your not worried cause your kids cases wont be that bad, or they will not die, think of the $10,000 hospital bill you will be paying. Mask up!

Anonymous said...

Are you people insane, blaming the mayor for some common sense guidelines?

By all means, I encourage Tony's Kansas City readers to not wear masks, never wash their hands, ride busses and lick public toilet seats.

Here's your role model.