Controversial USDA Move To Kansas City Raises More Questions

More Beltway pushback against this local victory as worker outcry lamented leaving D.C. for this cowtown . . . Take a look:

Lawmakers Demand More Transparency After the USDA's Research Arm Moved to Kansas City - Modern Farmer

Ever since the USDA moved its research arm to Kansas City, lawmakers and scientists have been concerned. That move, initiated in the summer of 2018, resulted in mass resignations of researchers unable or unwilling to move from Washington, DC-a major loss for agricultural science.


  1. More agencies should be moved to cities around the country instead of D.C. reaping all the benefits. It makes sense that the ag agency would be located in the midwest. Area Ag science grads can be hired instead of east coasters getting those jobs.

  2. Modern Farmer is a left wing vegan gardening website

  3. Jesus, who the hell would want to live in DC?

  4. The only people who want to live in DC anymore are Ivy League grads and Towel Heads. We should want down to earth Americans staffing our federal agencies. That is what you get by relocating the agencies out to real America.


  5. snooty Democraps hate Middle America.

  6. what has kc done to welcome the people who did move?

    i hope the c of c did something.

  7. ^^^Lucas showed them how we deal with our colored folks and protesters.

  8. Typical Government Bureaucratic thinking. Let's have the USDA headquartered in the middle of Washington D.C. where there are no farms and as far away from any farm as possible.

    If Trump is re-elected; he needs to keep on cutting taxes and eliminating these worthless bureaucrats. FDA and CDC have been totally worthless during the Covid - 19 outbreak.

    Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, wear a mask; oh here is a pamphlet on how to wash your hands.

    Fucking Fauci doesn't know Covid-19 from the flu or a cold.

  9. masks save lives.

    how can one know?

    doctors want them.


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