Thursday, July 23, 2020

Chat With KCPD Old School Chief Corwin

Before we get too sentimental about the "good old days" let's not forget that this former top cop had "lady trouble" that undermined his legacy and was also pretty ineffective at playing the local political game . . . Sadly, none of those captivating topics are covered in this community conversation . . . Read more:

Northeast Newscast Episode 141: Former Chief of Police Jim Corwin

This week we sat down with Jim Corwin, former police chief of the Kansas City Police Department. He currently sits on a committee to study violent crime and explore local control in Kansas City. Amid one of the city's most violent summers in recent years, many are calling for local control of the department.

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Anonymous said...

What a clown! He thinks we forgot about him using officers to watch his girlfriend and house while out of town. The committee is a joke made up of the same people part of the problem.