Thursday, July 02, 2020

Celebrate Kansas City Cowtown Legacy

A quick foodie contemplation along with an examination of local roots . . . Read more:

Yes, Kansas City is a cowtown-and that's the ultimate compliment

In the late 1870s, Kansas City was a cowtown. The West Bottoms were home to the second largest stockyard complex in the country. Kansas City sits in the center of the country but also on the edge of one of the largest grasslands of the planet, with cattle drives crossing the open range from Canada to Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Well KC is now a nothing city the BLM has erased all of the history here due to their inferior complex and jealousy and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of grilling hotdogs for lunch but after reading this I may have seconds thoughts.

Yes, I remember those stockyards when cattle were present. If memory and nose serve me right, at this time of the year the area was smelling pretty good/ripe.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anything other than chitlins and frog legs BBQ systemically racist?