Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Bank Midwest Suffers Triple Shut Down

Local economic harsh times as trendy online banks that operate via phone are now the new hotness . . . More info here for subscribers:

Kansas City's Bank Midwest will shutter three area branches - Kansas City Business Journal

Bank Midwest will close three branches in the #KansasCity area, as part of its parent company's plan to close 12 #bank branches. The addresses have yet to be disclosed, but we know the closings will come in Jackson and Johnson counties.


Anonymous said...

I wish US Bancorp would close. Their Trust department staff lie under oath while in court. Isnt that perjury?

Anonymous said...

Only if there is proof. Have you got any?

Anonymous said...

That website is so full of ads abd pop ups as to be completely worthless. Will never hit on it again.