Monday, July 27, 2020

Autopsy Reveals Horrific Signs Of Abuse In KCK Youngster Homicide Investigation

Awful deets and a glimpse at arrests in this ongoing case . . . Checkit:

KCK 3-year-old found dead had 'severe bruising,' signs of abuse

Olivia Jansen, the 3-year-old Kansas City, Kansas, girl who was found dead hours after her father reported her missing on July 10, had "severe bruising" on her face and other apparent injuries that indicated significant abuse, according to new court documents obtained Monday.


Anonymous said...

But, he has the kids name tat'd on his face. The tributes that scum give to their victims. Hang em' high.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick and tired of these ignorant adults beating and killing kids and animals. I've had enough. If I even see someone touch their kid or pet in an abusive way I'm calling Child welfare services and/or animal abuse hotline. These people need to be put down. Both of them.

Anonymous said...

^^ druggies shouldn't have kids. It really comes down to that. ( readers digest condensed version )

Anonymous said...

Yet on facebook they were all "love is love" and constantly posting pics of the kid. So fake and pathetic but not surprisingly. I hope they rot.