Credit to our blog community of skeptics for sharing doubt and noticing stalled construction . . . Here's the newspaper trying to sell the same thing to their subscribers weeks after the fact . . .

After 15-year delay, Mission Gateway in Johnson County on hold again due to financing

After 15 years of delays, it seemed that progress was finally being made on the long-vacant site of the former Mission Mall in Johnson County. But just as the Mission Gateway development was taking shape, the coronavirus pandemic brought it to yet another halt.


  1. Surprise! Surprise!

  2. I posted here months ago - interest coverage ratio is very poor. Developer needs more money. Now it comes out in the news. But there is alot more to the story.

  3. ^^Do tell.

  4. The design and orientation of the building away from Roe Avenue is also problematic. There used to be an on-ramp from Roe onto Shawnee Mission Parkway going West and the but of the building basically isolates traffic forcing cars down Johnson Drive. This will be a grand opening and closing all in one.

  5. The Mission City Council has mishandled the development of this space from day one. In a time period when more commercial development in generations was completed in generations, the City allowed the developer to fail in all aspects. I believe this was over a 15 year period. Now, it's too late.

  6. Aren't we way past due to stick a fork in this thing and call it dead? At this point, they need to just cut their losses and turn it into a park, or a park n ride or just parking lot. They probably just need to stop reporting on this and then report back when they actually have steel coming out of the ground for buildings. Otherwise this is the same song and dance bullshit that has been going on with that land for 15+ years.

  7. Mission is not a destination. Mission is on the way to somewhere/something else. As a result, Mission's days as a retail hub were brief, limited. Now Mission's prospects in the age of quick delivery is even worse: there is massive reorganization of commerce away from physical storefronts and office buildings and office parks. This development is a ruination and has been since the late '70's.

    Put in a botanical gardens and aquatics center and draw people to what's left of retail elsewhere in Mission if the desire is to maintain sales and property tax bases. But this development pig is a failure that keeps failing before it even finally flops for good.


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