Saturday, June 13, 2020

TKC Saturday Night Playlist: Will Kansas City Ever Go To Movie Theaters Again???

Or . . . Will there be any movie theaters left when Kansas City is ready to return to the cinema?

This week Hollywood continues to release major movies directly to home screens as multiplex theaters are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

While the industry clings to life, this just might be a renaissance for homebodies and movie buffs. Never mind that this transition isn't cheap given that this weekend "The King Of Staten Island" debuts on home movies screens at a cost of 20 BUCKS for a digital rental. The flick seems funny but Pete Davidson is only a B-list movie star at best. Hopefully, digital discounting will also work faster in order to check out this and similar offerings.

Anyhoo . . .

For the most part the grand movie palaces of Kansas City's past are gone. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema remains downtown but the idea of having a bowl of stew with a movie still seems weird.

And so, the American theater is suffering the worst setback since the advent of the VCR and/or Howard the Duck and the end game could be the last picture show for all but a few local theaters.

And all of this movie talk inspires our playlist dedicated to movies tonight . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

A lot of theaters will close but not all.

Surprised to see that AMC is still hanging on. But that's the benefit of having a rich, Chinese parent company.

As for content. Not sure if audiences will survive another 20 years of Marvel movies and summer block busters. The Internet has siphoned away most of the audiences and made movies no more significant than another meme.

Anonymous said...


Yet, they'll still make billions of dollars globally while you watch late night reruns on cable. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Some of the those reruns are better than most of the movies that came out this year. Sad.

Byron Funkhouser said...

"Where did all these hairless apes come from?"

Anonymous said...

Weird guy hasn't been back to AMC since he got caught masturbating in his seat last fall.

Skip Slyster said...

Who wants to go and sit in some filthy upholstered chair that a disgusting dirty-arsed CHUD has been farting into for two hours?

The very thought of it sickens me to my core being.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True dat.

Anonymous said...

We plan to take the street car for the first time and patronize the theatre by watching a movie! We will spend some hard earned stimulus money.

We plan to do this in 2025. This will be the 10th stimulus check of $10,000 to each worker and although inflation is at 5000% and Venezuela have Antifa our new constitution- we plan to use the money to buy a large Diet Coke.

While president AOC has invalidated many of the laws, she has promised to let churches reopen in the year 2050. Her China/Russian alliance will let schools reopen in 2075.

As her cabinet has made her president for life - no one works anymore and will continue to get stimulus checks if the internet can be restored by the Bill Gates/Soros alliance.

Since July 4th was cancelled- the cancel culture who over took Facebook has decided to replace it with July 5th- signaling an important holiday for AOC- the holiday of inviting anyone who feels the don’t belong to get more stimulus checks- if parts for the printing press can be found while the prisoners help fix it. That prison is the entire state of Missouri and has all Republicans in it. It is well run and is a threat to be taken over but AOC can’t find anyone sane or hard working enough to do it.

At St Pelosi Church- people continue to gather to pray for President AOC.

Anonymous said...

^^^ So you're saying that, by 2025, the United States will have begun to make a recovery from the disaster of Trump's four years in Office, right?


Anonymous said...

Skippy @4:26, you have a "Core Being"? Highly unlikely!
Much more probable that "there's no "there" there!

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare quote Gertrude Stein you goober at 5:53.

You're not fit to carry her jock strap.

Anonymous said...

This is a response? Lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, @8:18, it's all @6:08 had - read it somewhere and wrote it down for occasions like this.
Besides, I was quoting Bill Dukenfield, he said it too, and he stole it from Gertie fair and square.

Yet, I know @6:08, I'm not fit to carry Old Bill's Bourbon bottle.

Tracy Thomas said...

Back to commenting on the subject matter:
The Glenwood Arts and Ks. Intl. Film Festival wrote this week to say they WILL host the 20th annual KIFF Festival, Nov. 6-12.

I am a very loyal volunteer and will participate.

That's a big milestone, the 20th year. I will buy the Tshirt.

The festival shows indies and shorts, docs and narratives and animations produced by the next generation of filmmakers.

Showing their talents--bootstrapped by GoFundMe's and families. Making movies for the love of the craft and art form. And the game has been, hoping to then be picked by Hollywood moguls and studios to make major features.

The problem is: Hollywood shot off its nuts. With Covid-19, they taught Americans to stream. And released films there. Direct release. So why should a movie theatre promote new product--without the two week head start they always enjoyed? Answer? they should not. Thus the future of movie theatres is bleak indeed. Even when it is "safe" to return, what's the point?

As one local exhibitor said, "Why should I work twice as hard to make half as much money?"

Like disenchanted cops, they will change careers.

To America's detriment.

It was a great run. Got the T-shirt. I need a new hobby.

Super Dave said...

Very well said Tracy

That Fuckin' Guy said...

I always love the Glenwood Arts Theater. The last time I was there was when I saw Big Sonia. What an experience ! I jacked-off like a madman !

Anonymous said...

Knowing the "Artistic Masturbation" that comprises the Film Community in the Kansas City Metro, I'm not sure that plenty of Single malt Irish and the sight of Tracy in a T-shirt is enough to get me back into a theatre for the Kansas Fillum Fussytival.

Anonymous said...

I was kind of hoping to see Top Gun 2 in the theater. That should be an experience.