Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Honestly, a flowery and overly dramatic missive on recent civil unrest is pretty good.

Mary Sanchez is a Kansas City Star throwaway pundit who continues to pen freelance progressive screeds at discount rates. That doesn't mean she's not a better writer than most, even if her most of her observations are pulled directly from Democratic National Committee talking points.

Still, in this column she PERFECTLY captures the "spirit" of recent civil unrest on the Country Club Plaza as viewed from the vantage of worried middle-aged women throughout the metro.

The screed doesn't really have a point and seems to absolve every side of fault if only to put emotive reflections center stage amid far-reaching American upheaval.


Broken Hearts and Broken Glass: Kansas City Voices Its Pain

The sound of glass shattering competes with my own hurried steps hoofing it through the Country Club Plaza, anxious to reach my car. A plume of tear gas, not the first nor the last of the night, floats behind me as I head west through the center of the shopping district.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Bigger picture?

Just seems like more bitching.

Anonymous said...

Why can't it be both?

Ghost Of Royko said...

Discount rates. She should pay them for publishing this.

Anonymous said...

First of all, this heifer is about as credulous as a box of rocks, secondly the problem with this current racism charge is about the inability of blacks to assimilate into the American culture. We have thrown so much money, time and effort into bringing the black race into the American dream and they behave abnormally and refuse to assimilate into the collective American culture, they are the perpetual victim and embrace victim hood! Give them the entire country to do as they will and it will not be enough! Time for the bulk of us to leave this city to them and the white sympathizers who don’t believe that they will come for you next!!! And I am talking about the looters and rioters, not the peaceful protestors. You can protest till the cows come home but looting and rioting is abhorrent in any civilized culture

Ren said...

Somewhat agree ^^^ We can all wax philosophical about the power of protest but eventually we'll have to clean up the all of the broken glass and try to make a living.

Anonymous said...

30% of certain demographics have criminal jail records/prison time. Once out of incarceration, they had police, and look for any excuse to loot and rob. If you are a honest protester, and want to stop racism, you do it with money, attorneys, lobbists in D.C. But I dont see any protesters raising money. Standing around the Plaza wont change a thing. $$$ and representation in DC, thats the only way to get anything changed in government.

Anonymous said...

Confession Of A Critic

This was a better, improved Mary Sanchez, writing with a descriptive flourish and devoid of overt political partisanship. This is how you can communicate your thoughts, and get a civil discussion initiated.

Unless she's completely changed her stripes and been reborn, I'm familiar with Ms. Sanchez' political leanings from her prior writing, and typically find myself at polar opposites to her views. However, that doesn't mean you can't learn something from one who's had different life experiences.

I would offer the following observations/questions:

What does a death in Minneapolis have to do with anyone or anything in KCMO?
Why are so many people simple-minded reactionaries?
Prior to May 25, I believe that exactly zero people in KCMO knew George Floyd existed. I believe that extremely few in the KC protest crowd could tell you anything about George Floyd's life or background.
How did the national media already have the consensus story concerning Floyd's death settled and agreed to so quickly?
Why have the media failed to report the complete story, arrest details, Floyd's history, who else was in the vehicle, how/when did he get to Minneapolis from Texas, who owned the SUV that Floyd was driving, who is the white woman claiming to be Floyd's girlfriend, what prior contact did Floyd have with law enforcement agencies in Minnesota, was Floyd being monitored by the Minneapolis FBI field office?
True or False? If Floyd had cooperated with police, and entered the back of the police SUV as directed, he would be alive today.
True or False? Floyd only ended up on the ground, alongside the SUV, with officers restraining him, because he was resisting arrest and refused to sit in the SUV backseat.
Why do so many people apparently believe that you don't have to comply with a police officer's lawful order? Or that the situation won't escalate, to your detriment, by resisting?
Why are so many black people stuck in the victim mindset, and seemingly perpetuate their struggle in life?
Why do so many young black youth seek to relive their parents/grandparents civil rights era struggles?
Instead of protesting on the Plaza after a man (you never knew) died in Minnesota, why aren't these people dedicating themselves to education, married family life, faith, community service, and careers as teachers, police officers, health care, military, legal public defenders, etc.?

I'll answer that last question for you. It's because the path of least resistance is for the slackers in life, those who prefer to bitch and moan, and just scrape by in life, rather than put in the work to accomplish meaningful goals that are both self-rewarding and a benefit to the community.

Kj said...


Agree thato it was one of her better columns. However, the rest of that comment is just tired, racist shite.

Anonymous said...

All of this rioting and killing is happening in liberal cities run by liberals for 50 yrs but it’s trumps fault some how

Anonymous said...

To all of those who want to listen. ANTIFA and some BLM are backed by big money Those people showed up in Florida and other cities by bus. They were well equipped with weapons and were well organized they knew what they were doing. They are everywhere and have chatter that is encrypted. Don't think for a minute that these people are just mad and out for black justice against cops, they are not. You saw it for yourself. Some of these BLM people are harmless but a majority are not. This is a home grown terrorist organization.

Anonymous said...

KCMO is full of laid off, fired, and forceably retired "journalists" ho used to work for the Star and desperately cling to the notion that the 2020 metro population still yearn to hear their every word.
They were irrelevant when they had a print outlet and it's actually sad to see them still hanging around.
It's fine to have a point of view, but the constant and conscious ignoring of facts that are inconvenient to your making your case makes it irrelevant to anyone who doesn't already agree with you.
Mary is yesterday's news.

Anonymous said...

By the numbers lib-prog cant, predictable down to the word.

Anonymous said...

12:43 That's because like all the other snowflakes you can't handle the truth. You only want to see the part of the story that fits your twisted agenda.

Anonymous said...

As long as we're dredging up op-eds from laid off lefties, somebody find Lewis Diuguid and ask for his contribution. He was always a voice of pure reason. Besides, if we don't get his input it will be only because he's black.

Anonymous said...

Kj at 12:43 comment

"thato" and "shite"
Those are not words in the English language, as you attempted to use them.

Anonymous said...

Is this PUTA still around????

Anonymous said...

She puts the “dirty” in dirty sanchez.

Anonymous said...

10:54 - jeebus cripes, it's CREDIBLE, you dumb fucking rube, not credulous. Got Damn, who's the fucking box of rocks....oh yeah, you.