Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Pitch Plays Desperate 'Best Of' Game Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The "alternative" magazine is renewing their commitment to pay for play goodness with a listing that mostly pays tribute to advertisers . . . On the bright side, anybody who has ever talked about "journalistic ethics" never had any readers for very long.


Announcing the Best of Like, Totally KC!

The longest-running Best of Kansas City is BACK, and things are totally tubular. For 2020's Best of KC, we're bringing it back to the '80s to celebrate everything Like, Totally KC. A lot has changed in Kansas City over the last few months, but we think there's still a lot worth celebrating-from local favorites to new endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Like, Totally Brain Dead Publication

Anonymous said...

Yeah, The Plaza used to be on any best list, until chiggers fucked it up like they do everything.

Anonymous said...

Like stupid publication like.