Monday, June 15, 2020

T-Mobile Phone Probs Reported Today

Here's why it's hard getting a hold of about 1/5th of all locals today . . . Sprint's new daddy suffers network troubles. Read more:

T-Mobile hit by phone calling outage

T-Mobile appears to be having problems. Customers are reporting that they can't make or receive phone calls, although data and text messages seem to be unaffected. It appears to have started around 10am PT (1pm ET). DownDetector, which collects outage reports from users, indicates that a major outage is underway.


Anonymous said...

I was a 15-year customer of TMOBILE until this winter. When I couldn’t go out in a snow storm to make a payment on a previously made payment arrangement and asked for an extension they terminated my service. And they did it with zeal. Ever since the various managers on the “Heartland” regional team have fallen over themselves to cover for each other on this issue. I am now with a different carrier. Terrible experience for being such a loyal customer and working through years of poor service signal issues.

Anonymous said...

Deadbeats always have an excuse.