Monday, June 01, 2020

Show-Me Massive Education Cuts For Missouri K-12 After Coronavirus

Today's first glimpse at upcoming statewide austerity . . .

Missouri Governor Parson announces $209 million in spending cuts

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Parson announces more Missouri budget cuts: K-12 education takes a $133 million hit

JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Mike Parson on Monday announced an additional $209 million in budget cuts before the end of this fiscal year, with the majority of cuts hitting the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Of the $209 million in new cuts, more than $131 million will come from K-12 education, Parson said.


Anonymous said...

And now for KCMO to wake up and conclude the revenue isn't there to support the budget... or wait and fire 500 people. But perhaps Mayor Q is waiting for a budget crisis and an opportunity to clash the budgets of both police and fire. What would the "safety" staff do without $100,000 annual in overtime.

Anonymous said...

Q is thinking the gubmint is gonna step in and save the day and cover all the losses from Kung fu flu and now the rioters. Bad plan Q

Anonymous said...

Was waiting for the other shoe to drop on education costs for next year.
No in-person school next year.

Anonymous said...

Defund the public universities. Professors and Administrators earning $100,000 plus are assisting rioters and created ANTIFA.