Thursday, June 11, 2020

Show-Me Coronavirus Comeback: Missouri Reopen Complete June 16th

A look at life after the lockdown and the workforce returning to widespread economic devastation . . . Read more:

Missouri to fully reopen, enter Phase 2 of recovery plan on June 16

Missouri will fully reopen and enter Phase 2 of its "Show Me Strong Recovery" plan on Tuesday, June 16, Gov. Parson announced Thursday. As Missouri enters Phase 2, there will be no statewide health order. All statewide restrictions will be lifted, though local officials will still have the authority to put further rules, regulations, or ordinances in place.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck Parson. Bowing to the prog rulers in KC and STL for what? Accolades and a pat on the fvkin head? No. They hate him just as much now as before AND he fvcked the economy for them.