Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Not so long ago Kansas City enjoyed a "millennial boom" and the influx of "creative class" professionals who hoped to transform urban neighborhoods into thriving, diverse destinations. A new streetcar offered hope to connect the city and build a post-modern paradise that would create jobs, equality and opportunity for all.

Sadly, that didn't last for long as coronavirus, rioting and a steadily climbing spate of homicides has ruined hope promised by the "new urbanism."

To wit . . .


Amateur urban planners and politicos dispute this idea but the data backs it up . . .

- Home searches in suburban zip codes jumped 13%, according to, one of the largest real estate listing websites.

- More than half of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas are seeing increased interest in the suburbs.

- Local real estate agents report a glut of upscale urban properties that haven't moved so far in 2020.

- Meanwhile, suburban home builders report a spike in activity following the coronavirus reopen.

- Amid weeks of rioting and protest, the corporate parent of the Country Club Plaza is desperate to maintain a sale despite a devaluation that impacts KC's historic entertainment district.

Amid all this horrible national news, let's not forget that higher taxes, push back against police and an uptick in local burglaries also drive residents away despite continued arguments to sustain "momentum" inside and around the loop.

Check the links . . .

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Anonymous said...

just a matter of time. Most of the "momentum" was just a real estate hustle.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Sly cashed out when he did.

Winston KC said...

This isn't totally a bad thing. Kc can't afford to pay parking for another "light" building of luxury apartments or subsidize more developments.

Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...



Mk said...

Good riddance.

Way too many hipsters in KC to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Detroit City !

Brought to you by Mayor San Quentin Lucas !

RAPPO said...

Goodbye baristas, we will miss you!

Anonymous said...

LOL virtue signaling cheering BLM while loading the moving van.

Anonymous said...


Large successful wealthy corporations (like Burns and McDonnell) use their money and influence to extract major concessions from KCMO when locating their headquarters building or expanding.

The company is expanding, growing aggressively, and raking in big profits. They don't need any concessions, tax incentives or otherwise. Average employee compensation, for the the most common job title, is over $100K/year. But they know that KCMO political leaders will sell out their own mothers for campaign contributions and perks.

They get blight designation for their expansion site property, multi-millions worth of tax abatement, exemption from regular KC earnings tax, sales tax exemptions on building materials/supplies, and the City actually finances the headquarters expansion project for them, then uses a sublease arrangement to avoid paying property taxes on their own HQ expansion. Of course, they kickback several thousand dollars to the campaign committees of those who assisted them, and are generous with perks like tickets, travel, gifts.

An estimated 80%+ of Burns and McDonnell employees reside outside KCMO. They are the people that have helped grow the suburbs, and increase the divide between a struggling urban core of people of color and a prosperous suburban ring of primarily white residents. Cerner, JE Dunn, etc., would be other names you recognize. Sly James, Troy Schulte, Quinton Lucas, and Council members play this game because they directly benefit from their participation.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Small town farming communities, devastated by Trump policies, are forcing rural folks to the suburbs. It's been accelerated these past 3.5 years under Republican, "leadership."

MAGATS have ruined everything.

Anonymous said...

Why stay in jackson county

those fuckwits are raping everyone through real estate tax fraud

Anonymous said...

It’s not just the hipsters leaving. Families,boomers,retirees all getting out of Jackson county. I guess another white flight.

Anonymous said...

Rural communities have been devastated by the free trade/deindustrialization policies of the globalists. It is an complete falsehood to act as if the rural areas of America were healthy before Trump came along. It is the disregard that the political and economic elites have for rural Americans that drove Trumps election in the first place.

Anonymous said...

10:21 nailed it. Spelled it out. This isn't rep or dem caused. It's the super wealthy pitting both ends against the middle while they fleece the nation. Black v white. Rich v poor. Rep v demo. PD v community. Landlord v tenant. Pick your enemy but you better not follow the money. The net worth of billionaires rose 12% during COVID. How are you folks doing?

No one in power is really looking out for rural or urban communities, they're just looking to get re-elected and that means getting corporate money and providing developer subsidies while giving lip service to their party brand and talking points for their brainwashed followers.

Most of the COVID money went to the corporate and financial sector. Maybe 1/3 to citizens ($1200) just so they wouldn't whine like they did during the last banker bailout. That's when minorities lost 2/3 of their wealth to bankers and their homes to boot. Thanks to Bush n Obama. They could've given mortgage vouchers to homeowners but instead they gave the money to bankers. Same thing again this time.

Hey, it's your taxpayer bucks being used against your financial interest. You can blame and fight other groups of citizens all the way to the poorhouse. It's called class warfare and it keeps you distracted while your pocket is picked.

Anonymous said...

7:37 = GENIUS
Somebody understands the "game"

Anonymous said...

So what did J.C. Nichols do that was wrong? Right idea then and now.