Sunday, June 21, 2020


A bishop who rose to power in Kansas City still confronts allegations of abuse . . . Here's perspective on the status of his case from local activists for reform among clerics:

Statement: WY / KC bishop/priest MAY yet be charged - prosecutor reverses himself

"We're puzzled but encouraged by the reversal of a prosecutor and the possible criminal charges against Bishop Joseph Hart, a long time Catholic cleric in Kansas City MO and Cheyenne WY. Our hearts ache for the likely dozens of his deeply wounded victims who have waited so patiently for justice.

"To protect the vulnerable, heal the wounded, and help law enforcement, we again beg parents, parishioners and the public to call police and prosecutors with even the slightest, oldest, smallest fact, rumor or observation about Bishop Hart.

"And we beg both Catholic and law enforcement officials to re-double their work to get this dangerous serial child molesting cleric off the streets. Mere age is no real impediment to a determined predator."

David G. Clohessy, former director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

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Case against retired bishop now in limbo as DA tells police he will again review investigation

The criminal investigation into retired bishop Joseph Hart has not been officially closed, Cheyenne police said Friday, after authorities realized that a prosecutor had misunderstood police files describing the allegations against the cleric. Natrona County District Attorney Dan Itzen, who would prosecute any case against Hart, spoke with Cheyenne police officials on Friday, a spokesman for the agency said.

Analysis: Two years after McCarrick, questions are unanswered

On June 20, 2018, American Catholics woke up to discover that retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick stood accused of sexually abusing a teenager. The cardinal said he was innocent. The New York archdiocese said it was a singular allegation. Dioceses in New Jersey said they had received isolated allegations of misconduct with adults.

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Anonymous said...

Once again Judy Thomas and Rebecca Randels and the KC Star are printing, no reprinting, the long and tired accusations against Bishop Hart. I do not support any child abuse but as a child of Catholic upbringing it seems to me that if their accusations were real that after many years of beating that drum they might have gotten enough traction to get a conviction. As a young server I can tell you I served hundreds of masses and never was there a mass, a funeral or a wedding without a nun in the church back in the day and the priest was hardly ever alone with servers. Then take into account that almost all of the accusations come from people who are homosexuals and these accusations are maybe fantasy. Now they say you can't make someone homosexual or un-homosexualize them. So I wonder why they continue to try to make a Bishops life one of having to deny something that probably never happened? Because the LGBT community hates the Catholic church for never accepting their deviant lives. They don't go after the Baptist's or Lutheran's or Methodists or Episcopalians, why? Because the religions other than Catholics step away from the original core beliefs about deviant sexual behavior to be more accepting. The Catholic church has bent over backwards to add layers of accountability but like BLM won't stop until our country is destroyed there is never enough "give" until the terrible and horrible Catholic church is destroyed, right Judy?

Anonymous said...

Leave him alone. He sucked my cock when I was 12.
Gave me 10 bucks to keep my mouth shut. I did.
I was too stupid and young to charge him 200 and to make him keep paying every week.
Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

Are you jealous?

Anonymous said...

Seems Urban IV called them out of the carpet and 600 plus years later they still didn't listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Things KC Star Hates or Loves:

1. Hates Catholic Priests and Catholics (abortion)
2. Loves abortion. (Higher percentage of aborted black babies... racist)
3. Hates conservatives and hates anything Trump
4. Loves pointing out Trumps rally with crowds and danger of Corona but gives rioters a pass.
5. Hates the Paseo name change... even though it loves Spanish people... hates it both ways.
6. Loves to charge very high subscriptions that poor can’t afford.
7. Hates nuclear families. Hates most churches. Blacks love their churches and most support nuclear families.
8. Love St. Judy Thomas and her stories.. mostly regurgitated against priests.
9. Hates this blog. It gets more hits than they ever will. They outlawed comments at the Star.. but stand behind free speech. Weird.
10. Love their Sports section but hate that no one likes the unlikable Kaperneck. 50 years from now when Kap is 80 they will want him to play point out what good shape he is in even though he sucked his last 2 years and is a locker room cancer just like AB.

Anonymous said...

@ 402 +^^^^10,000,000

Anonymous said...

Randels is as bad a lawyer as Judy is a urinalist.

Anonymous said...

Mother Mary was jewish, The Catholic church was not started until 600 years after her death. Mary didnt stay a virgin - she had sex and other children. Mary is not God, or God's representative. Mary cannot forgive sins. Mary cannot hear your prayers. Only God can hear prayers. Mary died and awaiting the reserection like all others who follow God. She cant hear you, she cant help you. Lets stop idolizing Mary - it would really piss her off.

Anonymous said...

8:23 What drugs are you smoking? There is literally nothing rational in your string of non-sequiturial rantings. Stop ragging on Mary, would you. Jesus is a nice Jewish boy and he is very loyal and protective of his mother. You don't want to piss him off.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is God. Mary is a deceased jewish mortal woman. So is Joseph. So are all the Pope's and Mother Theresa, deceased mortals who await the reserection and yes, judgement day. The Pope will face judgement day and his fate will be decided on if he followed God (or man-made traditions like the Pharasees). Those man-made traditions will send you to hell, thats what Christ told the Pharasees to their face, and nothings changed since then. Is the Catholic Church a false religion that will lead you to hell?

Anonymous said...

@ 1016 and 823 the same very stupid person just ranting. Sorry you don't believe, that is OK because on the day of judgement by God he will be the decider of your fate, not us and not the Catholic Church. I hope you have a snappy comeback for him as I believe you are probably toast. But you are probably good with that.

Anonymous said...

11:51 What do you mean I dont believe? I believe in God. Not the power of dead mortals like Mary. Joseph and some saints. No place in the bible does it say other people can save you from your sins. Only God can do that. Even confessing sins to a priest doesnt let you off the hook. A priest is not God. If Priests could save you, then there would have been no need for Christ to come to the earth. If you believe in God alone, you have no issues on judgement day. Whats God going to do when you say "I trusted in you alone God"? If you believe in Catholic manmade traditions and gobbly goop, God is not going to let you off the hook. The Pharisees were the closest group to Catholics back in Christ's day. They used to wash their hands 14 times before eating, did all kinds of cleansing rituals, chanted prayers, wore robes, observed many religion holidays, studied the bible but never trusted God - so Christ straight up told them their good works meant nothing and they would go to hell. Catholics are similar - trying to exchange good works for ticket to heaven. Doesnt work that way.