Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Sayonara, Kansas City Waldo Bōru Ramen

A sad social media message tonight:

"It is with a heavy heart that Andy and Domhnall, Po, Amber and entire family of Summit Restaurants announce that Boru Ramen will not reopen due to the current economic environment. We first want to thank the amazing Boru team. We are so proud of what you have created and served over the last three years, earning a reputation as one of Kansas City’s top ramen restaurants. Your commitment to hospitality and the dining experience was nothing short of remarkable and it’s because of you that the legacy of Boru will live on. This is a tough but very real decision to make for the overall health and vitality of our restaurants as a whole. To our loyal customers, thank you for all of the support. We look forward to serving you at one of our other restaurants soon."

One last look at the place . . .

BŌRU Ramen

Ramen bar in Kansas CIty's Waldo neighborhood with an extensive selection of craft cocktails, sake, and asian whiskeys.


Anonymous said...

This is sad because the management team was not honest when an employee was tested positive for COVID-19. They hid it! That in an eating establishment is a mortal sin. The word got out even as staff was threatened not to say anything. When it was finally made public the word spread like wildfire of the company not taking real precautions to protect staff and customers. Word to all restaurant owners, if you lie to your staff and customers about a health relate matter you deserve for the entire company to be run out of business.

Owners: Domhnall Molloy and Andy Lock

Summit Grill (3 locations), Third St. Social, Pearl Tavern, Boru Ramen Bar and South of Summit.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I've seen that comment on Facebook at Reddit too. It's bullshit.

People just don't want to pay 10 bucks for 50 cent noodles.

Sounds like just another vendetta from an angry yokel. Bette luck with your next job shoveling cow pies.

Anonymous said...

@1247 - Identify your relationship to BORU so we can see the basis of your position. My position comes from knowing people working at BORU that have had to go get tested for COVID-19. The restaurants Summit Grill and BORU use a common prep space in the kitchen and that is exactly where the chef worked. Then my thoughts are that if the owners would act with such secrecy that it endangered staff and customers they have no integrity necessary to serve food to the general public. OK, I'll change my position to this "If you don't mind being lied to about the possibility of being infected at a Summit restaurant then go ahead and go there". I won't.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Your position comes from being a hipster bum. Stop telling lies about people and gloating over their setbacks. You sound like you're bitter. Do better.