Rock Chalk Students Suffer 2020 Cutbacks

The big picture: Hasan Minhaj Says Your College Tuition Is Paying for ‘Theme Park Bullshit’

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University of Kansas shortens its in-person fall semester

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The University of Kansas announced Monday that it will shorten the time students are on campus for the fall semester as it seeks to block a coronavirus wave. Under the plan, classes would begin in person as scheduled on Aug.


  1. Just pay full tuition for half an education, right? Rock Chalk Suck cock, Gay U.

  2. No discounts huh?

  3. Yet the ROOS are far more gay. Weird

  4. Public Universities are the biggest scam going in the United States right now.

    Greedy Professors and Administrators ripping off students and parents.

    Defund Universities and create two year schools for one's chosen profession.
    The General Studies courses are nothing more than a repeat of K-12.

    Except in college, you have a pompous man-bun or screaming lesbian professor teaching the class and charging you $50,000 for 60 hours of General Studies garbage.

  5. it's not just public universities.

    private universities are mostly the same but more expensive.

    DEFUND bogus education!

  6. Have you ever read a long book and thought that it could have been condensed to a really good article?

    That's higher education: mainly fluff and tangential discussion.

  7. between the Chinese spy Professor and the ball players that raped chaperons, what could go wrong ?


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