Monday, June 15, 2020

Report: Kansas City Company Confronts Deluge After Navy Lawsuit

Maybe not controversial but a worthwhile glimpse at the military supply chain controversy that could sink a local company . . . Checkit:

Feds: Kansas City-based company provided subpar steel for Navy submarine hulls

by: AP Wire Posted: / Updated: SEATTLE - For decades, the Navy's leading supplier of high-strength steel for submarines provided subpar metal because one of the company's longtime employees falsified lab results - putting sailors at greater risk in the event of collisions or other impacts, federal prosecutors said in court filings Monday.


Anonymous said...


A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed after female crew members reported their work quarters covered with seamen!!!

Anonymous said...

Execute the woman - she is a traitor!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting on the criminal charges. Defrauding the citizens and the submariners of the US.