Thursday, June 11, 2020

Remembering Kansas City Was Complicit In The Racism Of J.C. Nichols

A fun fact that most local "historians" forget . . . This dude was MERELY A REFLECTION OF HIS TIME and a successful one at that . . . People had a choice to buy into his racism and many people rejected his ideas.

Meanwhile, local newsies act as if the people of this town didn't play a very big part in building his empire . . . Take a look:

The history behind J.C. Nichols' development, restrictive covenants in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some of Kansas City's most iconic architecture was inspired by the man known for the Country Club Plaza. From homes, parks, fountains and museums that surround the area, J.C. Nichols left a huge influence on the city. But it's how he went about those developments that's now being called into question.


Anonymous said...

Who cares all the stuff he did, he was a racist and memorials and public assets should not be named to honor racist. White people through out history have always been on the wrong moral path. The whole race is guilty of some ungodly acts. Slavery, warmongering, genocide against the native americans, and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...


Enough with the crazy talk.

You blame all of white people don't don't forget that it was white people who also put an end to those practices as well.

Whites fought a civil war to end slavery.

Whites fought and defeated the Nazis.

Whites are the majority in a nation where African-Americans have more opportunity than any other place in the planet.

You're racism is bunk.

It's not about blaming, it's about equality.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being racist, just logical and rational.

CHAZ said...

^^^ It's stupid. Most white people hate each other. Racism is just a scam perpetrated on stupid people.

Anonymous said...

If Africa, it was blacks who hunted down other black tribes, then sold them to White slavetraders. Blacks killed each other often in tribal conflict. Both white and black are equal to blame. Blacks managed plantations and bought slaves for the plantation. They could kill bad slaves. But there already has been justice. After death the evil people are judged and given punishment exactly equal to their crimes. They now regret all crimes, but that doesnt matter. Does nobody view God as a swift and angry, vicious, vengence filled entity? But just to those that opposed him during the life he gave them. No beer, music, sex, fun, friends, smokes, internet, or property ownership in hades. I let God deal punishment to those that mistreated me. Many have died, their debts are punished over all eternity. Thats how angry God is. All eternity for your sins. Cause you actually sin against God. He is then your eternal enemy!

Anonymous said...

Hell is like being stuck alive in a coffin with the one Boss you really hated. For all time. You will never see anyone else. No food, no drink, and you know you will never get out.crying and grinding your teeth. Even if you were someone special on earth. You will pay for every sin that has not been forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Hell is a place without reason, in other words a Democratic party meeting.

Anonymous said...

The question I have is "Which side is always the first one to play the race card?" Answer the question to discover who is the most racist.

Anonymous said...

The development of quality neighborhoods that are governed by deed restrictions is how you control people having trash around their property, never painting their house unless it is purple, having cars up on blocks in your front yards, pest and rat control. Safe and clean streets. Weed control in a neighborhood, and the list goes on and on. Homes Associations if run properly are good for social behavior, you know , the common good. Maybe if it had been done in KCMO you wouldn't have such a hodge podge of crap neighborhoods. Now I am not saying they are 100% good but they are a good place to start.

Mo Rage said...

Which--hello??---still no way makes it okay?